I Had An Epiphany

I don't want to be too specific in this story.
I am bi-polar and know all too well the "ups and downs" life has to offer. Trampled and beaten by life and the chemical imbalance in my brain, I knew I had to get the thoughts which clouded my mind out and I found that EP quite facilitated my needs. So I began to type...

Shortly after starting my first account here, I had an awakening which gave me renewed spirit and vigour for life. It was accompanied by a very strong urge to have the image of a phoenix tattooed to my body. Someone had told me years ago what to do if and when this sudden urge came upon me. This "someone" was a friend of a friend whom relayed information to me through my friend, was also bi-polar, and happened to have a phoenix tattoo.

Before creating this account, I met - in a hospital - a man who was a few years my senior and we got to chatting. He asked me if I had any art on me (referring to tattoos). I told him that I didn't but was thinking about getting one as of late. He then asked if I wanted to see his new tattoo. I was kind of curious so I told him, "sure."

He told me it was 24 hours old and rolled up his sleeve to reveal a beautiful tattoo of a phoenix.

I'm sure I looked a little shocked at that point and could only mutter, "Huh, a phoenix. That's what I was thinking of getting..." He merely smiled and we continued our conversation. He was a very interesting man; I felt a brotherly bond with him after only knowing him a few hours and he imparted some very useful wisdom and insight.

I am writing this now to try to find others whom have shared a similar experience; that they may know they are not alone and so that I may talk to another. I am writing this on EP because this is where it all started for me.
GuardstheGrey GuardstheGrey
22-25, M
May 5, 2012