Audio Visual Release.

So a little while ago, a friend talked me through one of the hottest cam sessions ever.

He talked and I followed his "directions".. at final count, I think I managed around 5 mind-blowing ******* in just under an hour.

While he didn't get to actually touch me, he got to watch and listen to the effect just his voice had on me.

Now for the twist.... he recorded the "action" and sent me a copy!!!!

Today, I downloaded it.....

... there is something SERIOUSLY erotic about watching and listening to yourself *** over and over again.

Might just have to go and watch it again!
MissSass MissSass
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VERY erotic!!!

Sass, you are so right! I love cam2cam like you described. The "see, and be seen" experience. Isn't it so much better than to hide out in our rooms all alone? Why hell yes. Would love to share with you. Add each other? Thanks.

It really is exciting to know someone is on the other side of a video chat enjoying the view as you are at your most vulnerable. It's so much fun to see her reaction following an amazing ******.

Sounds cool i'd love that too i recorded my self ******* my *** and it was class watching it

Whoa, that's seriously erotic.

Sweet, sexy and naughty all at the same time, MissSass. I say sweet because you had both had trust with each other to take a leap like that, Sexy because instruction like that , I think is very hot and sexy and naughty because you like to watch it after and it gets you hot doing that.

Thanks for posting. Check out my stories, profile etc and add me if you want. ;-)

were you at all self conscious when you watched the video? I know I hate the way my voice sounds on recording under normal circumstances....I can only imagine the concerns of seeing my own "O face."

nyc ... what I focus on is the audio .. and the "story" that plays out in words with my reactions as back ground sound track. I am not a huge fan of seeing myself "on film" though this particular one tends to focus on specific body parts rather than ALL of me :)

I think that you are uniquely fortunate to have that recording.

I think so too Stoner! I was a bit taken aback when he said he had recorded me .. but now I am glad he did.

Wow, I have to admit to finding the thought of that very erotic. Very, very erotic.

Nice ;-)

It was .. VERY!!!

Great story...the visual reminders of your passions probably starts those juices flowing again for you!

Camming is serious fun. Being a guy, I've only been able to *** twice in one webcamming session, but its always a thrill. Its especially fun when you both *** simultaneously.
For this vid, were you at home? in bed?

Hmmmm sounds very hot.....when's the recording going on general release?! 😃

enjoyed reading this article. It was hot

This is the most erotic thing I've read or seen in days. There is nothing - and I mean NOTHING more beautiful than a woman as she ****. So beautiful.

I can see that!

Oh how I wish you could post video to EP

Sounds like a fabulous idea sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

very sexy Miss Sass. Impressed that a friend could convince you to perform for the camera. Discovered my wife was very reluctant at first to do a cam session, but like you, the turn on took over, and she had several ******* as well, before I even got to play with her. Hope you enjoy more play time and consider adding us as a friend. XOXO

It's not mine to share wareman ... it belongs to the person who inspired the response!

I would love to downlaod listen and watch.

I love hearing the sounds of a girl getting off her moans the sound of here ***** juices as she fingers herself

bet you sound and look great while it happens!

LOL captain .. that audience has been a VERY small one so far!

Well, I would hope he would enjoy it m2c .. I know I certainly did!!!

Was that a subtle request ersatz???<br />
<br />
The more information the better is it River?? What are you going to do with the info now you have it?

LOL swl .. I think I am a little too shy to share with the world in general!

Now that you've shared this intimate experience with a friend, its time to share it with the world. I'll be looking for you on or

That is something i wanna watch so bad

No need to apologise ;-) ;-)

Sorry Horsey ... didn't really think about the "readers"!

Gets you excited?.....what about everyone else who reads this....did you think about them? lol

I don't think I would do it again uyk ... it was just the perfect combination of the right person, the right fr<x>ame of mind and the right timing!! Maybe one day if the stars line up in just the right way we might manage to "play" again ... who knows! Just the thought of it makes me feel a little excited :)

I'd love to hear and see that to mmmm

That sounds very sexy to hear...Hearing yourself moaning..Should try it sometime.

to hear a woman who is vocal while orgasmic is such a turn on <br />
<br />
i love the sounds women make when they come and you can almost tell what region of the earth she is from without hearing any language. aussie girls are just so damn sexy anyway.<br />
we would love to hear your recording sass

i need a copy of that!!

That is such an erotic story! Sounds like a mind blowing experience.

WOW! I would have loved to have seen that!

Glad you liked it Larry!

very sexy Miss Sass. Impressed that a friend could convince you to perform for the camera. Discovered my wife was very reluctant at first to do a cam session, but like you, the turn on took over, and she had several ******* as well, before I even got to play with her. Hope you enjoy more play time and consider adding us as a friend. XOXO

Ummm you might have to share with us MissSass! Erotic!!

Oh my that is so very erotic!!! Would love to just hear it, hear you, hear your pleasure...

mmm - the thought of you ******* again and again - very nice thought!<br />
<br />
Will you be sharing this happiness?

Of course I know there are lots of others who would love to be a huge fan of looking and listening to you. ;) <br />
<br />
Anyway as long as it cant come back to haunt you and doesnt show any identifying marks or items where you could be recognized. <br />
<br />
I must say I had a wonderful experience performing for someone on cam a while back. Also only under trust, but I guess there is a bit of voyeur and exhibitionist in all of us. <br />
<br />
Have a great time watching reruns.

Not a huge fan of looking at pictures of myself either Isshe.<br />
I guess that is why this particular recording works so well .. there isn't a whole lot of ME in it., or at least not all of me at the same time.... lol. More like glimpses of the sensual! <br />
<br />
There is a lot of his voice and my reaction to it ... brought back some really fond memories!<br />
<br />
It is not something I would ever try with someone I didn't trust completely and I think that is what made it so special.

I wonder if there is an association with not being turned on by watching yourself *** and not liking to look at photos of yourself....Hmmmm...I'll just have to try it out to find out!<br />
<br />
Golly...i never thought about the fact that people could record cam sessions...