Fun In The Woods

About two weeks ago Brandon and me went camping with some of his friends for the weekend. It was alright but a bit chillier then we expected but we were tough outdoors people anyway lol but we had a way to keep each other warm anyway ;)
We left at around 1:30 in the afternoon and it was just me and Brandon riding to the campsite... for 4 hours! It was a long ride through mostly farmlands to the mountains and to kill some time Brandon talked me into playing a road game and for a while I leaned over and gave him a highway mouthhug ;) Idk i was bored don't judge me lol.
When we actually got to the campsite we had to drive down a dirt road into the woods when we got to the end we had to wait Brandon called his friends who were driving up together and they were a few minutes away. When they arrived Brandon introduced me the first friend was named Owen, he was cute looking, light brown hair, goatee, then Reno he had long dark brown hair that he had braided down the back, and really slender, he told me later on that he was part Seneca, and he kinda had the features of a native but it was pretty deluted in him lol, Then there was Ryan he really reminded me of Brandon, he was the Emo look too but he went way further with it, He had the shaggy black hair, painted black nails, and a nosering, pale, and wore black clothing. He weirded me out at first because I didnt expect someone like him to enjoy camping :/ we had to leave the cars there and take all our stuff for a LONG-*** walk through the woods, we finally told us we arrived and it was a small clearing in the woods and after the guys got rid of some brush in the area it was ready for the tents. Brandon brought our tent it was a nice big tent with plenty of room :) Owen and Ryan had their own tents and we put them up around the fire pit Owen dig out and prepared. It turned out to be a nice spot they really knew what they were doing.
the sun was going down when everything got settled and we got a fire going and we sat around it, it was kinda chilly out but it was so cozy out there. We talked, laughed, had some drinks, and Reno tried to sing Dont Stop Beleiveing but I dont think he remembered the words right or had a few too many because he went over the same lines a few too many times XD Then Brandon got all feely and started hugging me and kissing, and we were making out. I noticed everyone while talking kept looking over at us and by then Brandon was starting to get under my shirt and he wispered to me "lets go in the tent" well at least we wouldnt be the center of attention if we went out of view :/ so we went to our tent and I remember Brandon slapping me on my butt as i crawled in and I heard Owen go "YEAAAA!" and everyone laughed. we got in the tent and closed the flap and things got quieter and I heard the guys chatting again, me and Brandon kissed for a bit and I got his pants off and started to suck him. Brandon finnished his beer and started pulling at my clothes saying he wanted to make love to me, and he was a little bit drunk too lol and after he shot his load I sat up and started taking my clothes off and I had my shirt off and I was sliding my pants off when the tent flap opens! Owen looks in and smiles I try tocover up and Owen goes "so are we gonna do this then?" and Brandon was like Alright and he hug around me and says "hey kate lets have them join in" and I was just WHAT! and he said it would be fun and he started to finger me and I just said "well why not?" this was gonna be a fun night ;) seems like the second after I agreed Owen was in the tent with his pants off and he was signaling the others, and Reno followed soon after. So there I was out in the woods in a big tent naked surrouned by 3 nice looking guys taking their clothes off :) Ryan stayed outside I guess to keep the fire going, wouldnt want any bears coming to the camp I guess haha. Owen I gotta say was the smallest out of the three and I started with him, he was on his knees ans I bent over and took him in my mouth, which he loved, and Brandon came up behind me and started to **** me and Reno feeling left out I guess guided my right hand to his warm manhood and I did the best I could to help him and I could tell he liked it ;) Brandon was the first one to come, and like usual he came in me and he said he was set for a bit and stuck his finger in me and pulled out as much of his come as he could and then he gets up and leaves the tent saying he was gonna have another beer with Ryan... and he left me in the tent with Owen and Reno. Reno jumped to the oppurtunity to be next inside me and he started off hard! He had his hands on my side and just started slamming and I couldnt help but moan a bit more the usual and I felt myself come and I could hear Brandon and Ryan chucling outside lol. I couldnt really satisfy Owen while dealing with Reno I tried my best but Reno didnt last to long before he had enough and blew his load in me and he just leaned over and felt my **** for a bit before pulling out and putting some clothes on and leaving the tent. Owen just waited for Reno to leave and he told me to lay on my back, which was nice since my knees and back were aching lol. I laid down and Owen spread my legs and started to thrust into me, he was gentler and slower than Brandon and Reno which was a nice change from feeling like a sex doll or something haha. He felt my breasts and kissed me as we ****** and it was just a real nice way to having sex :) It felt like it lasted a while and I had a second ****** and a little while later he shot his seed in me and he got all surprised when he came in me, especially when I told him I wasnt on any pill and he just got a shocked look on his face. I laughed and told him not to worry XD we laughed a about it for a while and he said he was gonna go to bed because it was about 1:30 am and I heard everyone else opening their tents. We had a nice goodnight kiss and he pulled his pants up and crawled out. I heard him tell Brandon I was "so ******* awesome" they laughed, said goodnight, put out the fire and he went to his tent. Brandon came back in out tent and a little more drunk just smiles at me and I knew he was looking at my ***** dripping with seed and he closed the tent took his clothes off and layed down in front of me and started eating me out licking it up mmmm :) He layed on top of me and we started making out and we did a little snowballing while we banged out his last load of the night before falling asleep. Just had a real night being a women in nature that night lol and that was the first night of the weekend we stayed there lol.
Sorry it took so long to put up here it was hard to find time to type, Ill tell the rest later because I felt like all we did would be a lot for this. :)
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Loving the story Kate, way hot

What a gf.. ;-))

hot story!