I Let A Young Girl Play With My Penis

I was babysitting for my mom's friend so they could both go out for a few drinks. I was at my mom's house and he daughter who I thought was old enough to look after herself was brought round to spend the evening with me. I was in my early twenties and would rather have gone out myself but I reluctantly agreed to mind the brat. She turned out to be quite fun and we chatted about loads of stuff. She was intrigued about life and boys and we chatted about relationships and even sex. She had never had a boyfriend but in her early teens I guessed it wouldn't be long until she did so I gave her a few pointers about what boys her age are like. I warmed to her and began to enjoy her company but then it seemed to get very late very quick. She said she wanted to go to sleep so I brought her upstairs to my mom's bed and she got under the covers. I was about to leave the room but she asked me to stay with her because she was afraid to be left on her own. She was lying in my mom's bed fully clothed so I got in beside her, also with my clothes on. At first she snuggled into me. I was a little uncomfortable with her doing that so I lay there rather stiff but her body moved and twisted and although I didn't want it to my **** started to rise. She slipped her leg on top of me and it rubbed over my crotch making my **** even harder. I tried to imagine other things. I even tried thinking about work so that it would go away but it just got harder. I don't know if she felt it but her leg rubbed it as if she knew exactly what she was doing but I knew from our conversations earlier that she didn't. Eventually she turned away from me and went to sleep on the other side of the bed with her back to me. I was so horny by then I figured I needed to relieve myself so I set my **** free and gave it a few strokes. It felt great. We were upstairs in the front room so I knew if a car pulled up I would see it and I could easily get out of there before anyone came in. As I stroked I imagined my girlfriend but thoughts of the girl beside me kept popping into my head. I tried to get them to go away but they took over. They made me turn my body towards hers. I could hear her breathing and being close to her made me more horny. I don't know why I did but I moved towards her and then something happened. It was so unexpected I nearly jumped out of my skin. Whatever way she was lying she had an arm behind her and whatever way it was laid on the bed her hand was there just where my **** was. It was upside down, palm facing upwards, and as I moved my **** slipped right into her hand. I stopped as soon as it happened but it was there in her hand. I lifted the covers and looked down. My **** was slowly moving on its own in her hand and sliding pre-*** onto her palm. I knew I had to stop but my **** was working away without me. It moved and twitched so much it woke her hand up. Her fingers twitched giving it more excitement and it rubbed harder against her hand. My whole body was shaking. My mind was distraught. My heart pounded in my chest. I was sweating. I knew I had to stop but my body was getting rushes of adrenaline and waves of powerful pleasure. My pelvis began bucking back and forth making my **** slip in and out between her fingers. Her hand responded and took hold of my ****. I knew then she wasn't asleep. I had to get out of that bed and that room but my **** was locked in her grip. She didn't know what to do but she didn't have to because my body did all the work. Her fingers tightened and loosened as my **** ****** her hand. This continued for some time and my breathing became too heavy to release through my nose. I opened my mouth and as I did I began to make panting noises. She heard me and knew I was feeling very happy. She moved her body closer to me until my breath was on her neck. My **** was still in her hand but the tip was touching he back under her top as I pushed it farther. She let out little moans as if it pleasured her when my **** touched her skin and then it all exploded. I shot my load everywhere. She jumped as it flew up her back. It was a big load and my thoughts were of my mom's bed so I used her top to rub it all into her back. I didn't think about her at that second or her mom. Then I told her to get out of the bed. As I followed her I was stood with my semi-hard **** on display and she couldn't take her eyes of it. Then I told her to turn around so I could put it away and that's when I saw the mess on her top. I freaked out and told he to take it off. I wasn't thinking. When she did she turned to me and was stood there in just her bra. She looked adorable and had such a beautiful cute face. She was smiling. I said we would have to wash her top and I ran downstairs and started to soak it in the sink. As I was stood there I felt her behind me. She hugged me. I was rinsing her top in the sink and her body was pressing against my back. I wanted her to stop but I didn't. Then she slid her hands inside my pants. I wanted to tell her to stop but when she started to touch my **** it took over again. It was hard in seconds. Her hands were all I could see in my mind's eye. Even though I couldn't  actually see them I could see before me her painted nails wrapped around my manhood and I couldn't take any more. I managed to turn around and in doing so she had to let go but when I saw her pretty face smiling at me I wanted her. Then she said, 'can we go back to bed and do that again?' I said, 'no its too messy.' She opened my pants, released my **** and started touching it again. I looked down. She had the loveliest of hands. They caressed my **** like a pro. She begged me to go back to bed with her so I reluctantly agreed to accompany her to the sofa. Armed with a box of tissues and with her top drying on the radiator I went and sat next to her on the sofa. There we sat with her in just her bra playing with my ****. My hands tried to stay by my side but I couldn't make them do what I wanted. They slid up her bare arms and over all her skin. It was so soft. They felt her bra straps and then felt her **** over her bra. She stopped rubbing me for a second and removed her bra. The sight alone of her teenage topless body was enough to make me *** but she took my hands and set them onto her ****. She told me I was the first person ever to feel them. She looked so sexy when she spoke that as soon as her cute hands returned to my **** it exploded. Again it lurched upwards this time covering her chest and my arms. She giggled and said she liked it. I took a minute or two to clean it off her body enjoying her **** as I did and then I eventually put my **** away and told her to get dressed. Her top was still a little damp when her mom and mine arrived but I just said she split a drink over herself. Her mom called her clumsy and off they went. I never saw her again after that until recently
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Fake and bad spelling and sentence structure

Sexy story...read it on literotica a while back.

Ok.Do yall know that make you all pediphiles?This is all on the internet.Mf yall let your 10 yr old play with your adult **** and then post that **** on the web?Omg im in utter disbelief.

A ********* is someone that is sexually attracted only to children! There is NO OTHER DEFINITION! if anything could be said about this story, he is endangering the welfare of a minor but it doesn't make him a *********. Stop being an ignorant jerk! Most morons that use the word ********* have no idea what it means!

What'd one fish say to the other when they were thrown into a brick wall? Dam. My my, that was very arousing

whoa dude.

fap fap fap

That was HOTTT, lucky you didn't get arrested.


Although it's bad what happened you can't doubt that it is a good story

Made me horny
U must of been super horny

Epic story

Great experience, no doubt very enjoyable.

that was an epic story man


I'm a father of 2 girls 10 and 12 and we are nudists they have touched my penis lots of times they love seeing penis get hard .

That's disgusting you pig!


Awesome story. Did you have a repeat when you saw her again?

Awesome story man ;) Who gives a **** about age when they're in the moment anyhow?

age is meaninhless

Boy- the more I read, the more horny I got!

Awesome story.

did you do it with her again?

Great story. You said you've seen her again. Did you go down on her?

weird... all the girls I know wouldn't dream of that.

You need to move house, or country lol

Really great story.!!!!!!! She is a teen tho ......not a "young girl".


OMG...what a story....

hmmmmmmm that was very hot story! WOW!!

you did the right things ... and proved that your **** could dial a phone number by itself. keep that monkey on a chain, goes the song. :)

damn that was a good story....wish it happened to me...

Wow - great story. Sounds like someone that you should lookup in the near future IMHO

i would have taught her how to give a bj and i would have eaten her out

very hot story..but its sad that you couldnt see her again...