Why should I feel ashamed because of my naughty side? But yet I do......I feel as though it is looked down on or something that is simply because of my past.  You see I was abused and people tend to think that the sexually active people are damaged in some way.  In alot of ways I feel lost.......I know who I am and what I want but society makes me second guess myself.  Why does it have to be so hard to be straight forward and be who you are? 
missamberlawrence missamberlawrence
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I have a question for you. Does your nughty side show on your face??
I don't mena to be rude or insensitive but you are allowing the world and society to dictate who you are. You are not an abused person, you are a human being perfect and powerful, you just don't know it. There is no reason to feel the way you do, you are creating all this pain for no reason, you are who you are and the refleccion of that is what you receive from others, if you have desided to feel in such wway that is what others will perceive and will react accordingly, start respecting yourself from the bottom of your heart, every time you have a chance look in the mirror and repeat yourself all your beautiful qualities and how atractive you are, regardles of what others may think. You are in cahrge of your joy and life, don't let yourself fall in the trap of the social finger pointing. As a child ( 9 or 10 y old) I was sexually abused by a male cousin, as a hispanic male, that is unthinkable and should have changed my life if I had allowed it, however I don't carry such guilt with me, it doesn't show in my face, nobody knows it, it isn't present in my life because I chose to be who I am in a moment to moment basis. I am perfect and that event didn't mean anything, tha past is the past and the future isn't here yet, what counts is WHO I AM NOW AND HOW I DESIDE TO FEEL RIGHT NOW
So my dear friend, it is in your hands to be free of all that social BS and the finger poiting that goes with it. And if there are some who want to do it, well point the finger back and tell them you don't care. YOU ARE PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL.

You do not have to answer to anyone - just do what makes you happy for a change.