Dinner Date

My wife and I had been lookin forward to a night out on the town for a couple of weeks, so when we got the call to join our friends "Rick and Kim" for dinner we jumped onboard. We met at a pub for drinks and to kill some time till time before our dinner reservation. After a few drinks, nature called for my wife. We all know women don't go alone so Kim joined her. Rick left to go smoke so I held the table. Kim came back and sat down, placing her hand on my thigh said " your wife just kissed me and we are going to **** your brains out". I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked back to see my sexy wife smiling and she said "sshhh our lil secret". I was smiling from ear to ear when Rick returned. Throughout the remainder of the time at the pub Kim and my wife took turns grabbing my rock solid **** under the table, Rick never knowing. (Stay tuned).....the next chapter to the story to follow soon!!
flametamer69 flametamer69
41-45, M
Dec 11, 2012