I Love To Play With My Talented Tongue (pictures Included)

I LOVE to play with my tongue... its like a build in playground... It goes everywhere with me. I like to twirl it around in circles, lick my lips, bend it ... I can even blow bubbles with it. But of course the most fun I have with it is when I am with my husband.

I can just look at him from across the room and lick my lips and watch him melt. He knows the powers of my talented tongue. I like to take him in my mouth and swirl it around. I like to deep throat him and while his head is past my tonsils... I like to reach out and lick his balls.... makes him go crazy.

I like to play with my nipples with my tongue... I can lick and suck my own boobs and have so much fun torturing him.

And of course I can tie a cherry stem in a knot.... piece of cake.

We measured my tongue once... its 6" long... about the length as my husband's penis. You can imagine the fun I have.

So I decided to have a little camera fun and here are some pictures to share.

JoeysGoddess JoeysGoddess
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Those pics are a huge turn on, your such a tease ...

sounds like you like them then....thanks!

Nice ! ;)

And a VERY talented tongue she has.....take it from me....its mind blowing!!!!