Time For A Little Innocent Video Fun...shhhh

I am a fairly normal person.. a bit quirky and silly... very sarcastic as well as open and honest. I dress average... nothing too flashy or sloppy. I try to dress being prepared for anything. However I do like to show off the girls. I like having some nice cleavage going. I like the attention I get it from them. Hence one of the reasons I have an EP account. I enjoy the outlet of getting to express myself without the fear of being judged.

However even thou I appear like the type that is into cybersex... I am not. I most certainly against it. If you are one who is into that... by all means... have fun... enjoy it! But it is not something I have any interest in. I am happily married and am not looking for an online fling. I am not interested in seeing men's *****. I know I am sending out mixed signals... and well... sorry for that. I don't mean to mean about it. But I am a tease.

I want to share my boobs with you and talk to you about your life, share our stories, meet interesting people. I am not interested in pretending to have sex with someone online. Please don't even ask. I am not playing hard to get... I simply won't do it.

That being said.... I decided to do something a little different. A little more extreme. And I know it may be torture to some and I am sorry. ... But I had alot of fun doing it so I wanted to share.

I had my husband film a little video of me playing with my boobs...


Merry Christmas !!!
JoeysGoddess JoeysGoddess
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

well very well written JoeysGoddess, I think any woman who like to play with her boobs and let a man use or abuse her nipples a little that give a pain/pleasure combination is all natural and I can see the originality in your story that is why I felt compelled to post my comment her, will love to be friends too