Bound And Forced To Please

It had been several months since our night-at-home with Lover No.5. He’d texted incessantly over the following two weeks insisting he had “more to show me”. I’d loved the experience of course and certainly wanted to see him again, but busy end of summer “vanilla” and family events and then meeting our new couple, meant we never seemed to find a mutually convenient time.

His texts became less frequent, but then two weeks ago we met him by chance at The Club again. He was otherwise engaged with a partner, as were we, (but that’s for another post LOL!!!) but we chatted at the bar on several occasions and when I mentioned that we would have the house to ourselves again the following weekend he said, in a flash, that he was also “free to please”.

Hubby had been talking about inviting our new couple friends but I hadn’t actually made the call yet. As No.5 was led away again by his partner I looked up at Hubby and he laughed and said “I can tell by the look in your eyes you want to see him again”.

The week passed quickly with several texts back and forth just to confirm we were each still interested and it was agreed he would arrive at 9 p.m.

I’d been soaking in the bath for almost an hour, with Hubby topping up my wine glass, when he popped his head around the door again and said it had just gone 8. I swore at him that “I haven’t even picked out my outfit yet, why didn’t you tell me earlier? I haven’t even done my nails yet!”

The next hour was spent frantically stepping between wardrobe and mirror, before finally settling on just black hold-ups and heels and a loose cotton black dress. Normally I would have worn a blouse or cami beneath as the wrap-around neckline plunges low at the front, but going without seemed more appropriate. Hubby nodded his approval and, as we stood embracing by the bed, told me he loved the feel of his hands stroking over my back and bottom feeling “nothing but you underneath”. I could tell from the passion of his kissing and fondling that his anticipation level was as excited as my own. He left me to finish my make-up and went downstairs to set up drinks and nibbles.

No.5 arrived almost exactly on time and after welcoming cuddles in the hallway we sat in our lounge for 30 minutes sipping and chatting. Hubby finally asked “what have you got in your bag this time”. No.5 laughed and said “if you take me upstairs I’ll show you”.

We all sat on the end of the bed as he unpacked first his whip that he’d introduced me to last time, and then to my gasps and giggles, a smacking paddle, a black mask and two huge coils of red and purple rope. I picked up the rope, it felt silky and actually quite soft and pleasant to the touch. “I’m not sure I’m ready for being tied-up you know”. He didn’t answer but pulled me up to my feet at the end of the bed and pulled me into an engulfing embrace. He gasped as he ran his hands down over my bottom “You feel so warm and smooth under that dress. I don’t feel any knickers!” And then as he ran his hands back round to my breasts my already hard and erect nipples made it obvious there also wasn’t anything between them and the fabric of my dress. I was already moaning quietly from the probing tongue of his kiss and the caress of his hands, but then gasped more loudly as he reached down my back and lifted my dress up over my head. He passed the dress across to Hubby exclaiming “My god I’d forgotten just how beautiful you are”. I was about to answer him to stop being silly but could only gasp loudly as he reached out with both hands to pinch at my nipples. He pulled me gently by the nipples into the centre of the bedroom, releasing his pinching grip and then running one hand down over my tummy and one down over my bottom, telling me to “stand perfectly still now”. He stood back, saying again “just beautiful” and then moved behind me towards the bed. I turned to see him picking up the first rope. He snapped at me “I said stand still, not to move!”. Suddenly I felt him pull my arms from my side to cross them over behind my back and the rope wrapping around my wrists. I turned my head again, “oohh I’m not sure about having my hands tied!”. He stopped for a moment to kiss me on the back of the neck and said “don’t worry, I won’t do anything that’s going to hurt you. You can tell me to stop whenever you want me to”. Hubby had moved in front of me with his camera and said “Don’t stop him yet. He’s only just started!”. I swore at him “it’s all very well for you.”

I suddenly felt No.5’s hands on my head turning it back to look at him again. “I think we need to make you concentrate on events at hand more” he said before placing the mask over my head. He pulled it tightly down over my eyes. “What can you see?” Hubby asked
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Dec 16, 2012