Most of those that know me already would know rhat Experience Project is where MissSass comes out to play with little to no censoring .. it's fun, it's naughty and I get to flirt(and sometimes take things a little further than just flirting!!) to my hearts content.

I have often wondered how comfortable I would be letting the naughty side out in the big bad real world ... today I'm getting the chance to push the boundaries and see just how far I might go.

Out of the blue, an old boyfrined of mine from years back contacted me. I think I have mentioned him here a couple of times ... he is a rather generous guy, and liked to "share" when he could get me to play along.

Anyway, a conversation has been started and I find myself channeling far more of MissSass than the "real me" people normally see. While I had never been shy physically when we were together, I was never the talker when things were getting hot and intimate. I think I may be shocking him a little as we speak! Seems my fondness for erotica has finally found a practical application!

After about an hours worth of very interesting messaging, he has just asked if I happened to be free for the evening and if I'd like to "rekindle" some of the spark that had flared between us in the past.

Well, that naughty side of mine sat up and really started paying attention then!!!!!

Seriously, seriously tempted to take him up on his offer. I know just how talented his hands and his tongue can be ...

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Nice:) You have inspired me to join this group

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

it is fun to be risky at times. Everybody likes to feel sexy

that's a set upfor a new story whether released or even realized what fantasized:-)

Talent is no more than preparation, anticipation, and desire. Can your labia withstand
the naughtiness?


Do tell when it happens for it's just a matter of time now :)

there is a level of hidden excitement in doing something like this, the question is just how far you are prepared to take it......i think it is the secrecy of the moment that creates the excitement,,,....

oh and now i just feel so...................used.muahaha

You only live once, live it well!

Wondering if you took advantage of the opportunity...

I didn't ... yet ..

My naughty side (and yes, it is not my only side) wants to encourage you. Remember, you only live once.

I know ... there is lots to consider ... at this stage it is staying firmly in the "sext only" basket ... but you never can predict where things will end up.

Is best not to predict but to just go along for the ride.

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I hope that you act on it and have great fun.

I didn't .. but he made sure that I knew the offer was open regardless of time limits ... and the conversation hasn't ended either. We'll see :)

He has great taste. You are a very attractive and desirable lady.

Thank you *blushing*

Just truth.

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Good for you, or rather good for him! ;) Have fun.