Le Place De La Loge

Robert came to Marguerite's house last night to meet with me and take me out on our date. He was pleasantly and casually dressed, whereas I was more provocative in what I wore. It was a cold evening compared to many recently, and I think I will regret the fact sometime. I'll get a cold!

Robert took me to La Napoli, a pizzeria, close to the city centre and the place de la Loge where all the clubs are. I wasn't that hungry really, but I had a small salad, and a slice of his pizza. We had some red wine too. He started the conversation off with his party, and we were soon talking about the music we'd been listening to.

He then began talking about what I was wearing. Ripped tights, with a design in them (I have an advertising photo of them I can load) and a bodice, under my woollen topcoat for the walk into town. He didn't bring a car. He told me that as I took off my coat with my back to him he wow-ed the shape of my ***. He told me when I turned around he was completely amazed. He could tell I wasn't wearing lingerie, not just because my breasts floated a little more, but the cameltoe!

I have a naughty way about me, he said, and he seemed at times to be captivated.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013