Secret Naughty Fun At The Movies

Here’s a little tease for you…

Picture this… we are in the car together. Husband is driving, I am sitting shotgun and you are seated in the center back seat of the car. We are at the Drive-in watching some action/adventure movie. A total MAN movie that I quickly loose interest in. You and hubby are both loving the movie and can’t keep your eyes off the screen. You are leaning forward with a hand draped around either seat.

I decide its time to have a little fun… the movie is pretty boring to me. So I lean over towards your right hand and oh so casually lick your finger. You are shocked and try to remain cool. You don’t want hubby to find out what I am doing. After I give you a little lick to test the waters and see what your reaction will be. I am satisfied to know that you are willing to play. You didn’t jump… you stayed calm and cool. GAME ON… so I decide to take it a bit further. I lean over again and slowly take my wet tongue and lick up and down your index finger and middle finger. I then take my warm voluptuous lips and run my lips up and down your fingers. I then wait a few minutes for you to catch your breathe.

I look over and check on hubby… he is enthralled in the movie and has no clue that in the seat next to him I am seducing our friend. I am silent and calm for a bit and then when you least expect it I slowly engulf your fingers in my warm wet mouth. You can imagine its not your fingers I am sucking on. A slight moan escapes your mouth as my teeth lightly graze your finger. Lucky for you it’s a loud action scene in the movie and hubby doesn’t hear you.

At one point hubby finally looks over at me and asks if everything is ok. I say.. I am fine.. just tired… keep enjoying the movie.. afterall that is what we came to see right? I continue to torture and play with your fingers off and on throughout the entire movie. All 2 hours of it. When the movie is over, you realize so is the torture so you lean back into your seat and hubby starts the car and we drive away. No words are ever said about the tongue play. Its our little secret… We are both left wondering if and when that type of opportunity will arise again…


So that’s what happened one of the first times my hubby and I were together. Only back then my boyfriend was the driver and Hubby was the one in the back seat. This happened to us back when we were first figuring out that we wanted to be together. Just thought I would share.

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very sexy.


I wanna go to the movies too!!!!!

Let's go!! But I think Hubby would be paying closer attention to whats going on then what my ex was... what do you think

Ill send him for popcorn!!! Then lock the doors!!!

He knows the drill now!

shhh.... he might read this and find

HAHAHAHA......Now I know the plan......BTW.....I not a big fan of popcorn...!!!!

Ok go get some beer!!!

But is it not funner to try to be sneaky about

really boys? Are we going to be doing this on EVERY Story??? people are going to start talking about

And that's bad because?????

You know you love this!

AND........your point would be??????

Just a discussion between two adults.......that's all

(yes... yes... I do) shhhh... don't tell

I won't tell anyone I promise

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That's such a great story. I can picture you doing that. Thank you for sharing.

Seems to have worked out well for you...Another great story....What a great tease you are!

yeah... I have always been a bit of a tease

Ohhhhhh......I soooooo remember that night I was so turned on by how naughty we were being and not getting caught.....

P.S. The "HUBBY" in this story is the same person as "RED" in her story "Baggerboy"