The Guest

She was alone in the house, quietly chatting on her phone to a contact she’d made through EP. He was tall, dark, handsome and full of confidence... just the type of guy she needed to press her buttons and spark the heat in her that she missed so much.

They’d just finished a long hot conversaion and she was feeling more than a little stimulated by the things he said and the brash way he spoke to her. She deccided now would be a good time to play and relieve some of the tension that had built up in her body. She didn’t need to change as she was already scantly clothed, wearing only a short nighty and nothing else so she laid back and started fantasising about her new found man and all the things they may some day do with each other.

It didn’t take long before she was lost in her passionate daydream... she was rubbing herself faster and faster as the lust grew and could feel the tingling heat deep within her as an ****** drew close. Normally, she’d be stuck there and thrustrated but this time was different... the deep tingling feelings got stronger and stronger and her breathing quickened with excitement as she got closer and closer.

All of a sudden her heart stopped and she froze solid as she noticed from the corner of her eye a man standing in the corner of the room to her left. Frightened and embarressed, she quickly covered her self as best she could with the blanket. “Who are you... what do you want?”

The man slowly moved forward. “You know what I want”. The she recognised who it was. It was her new found friend from EP. Her mind did not fully register this. She was just chatting with him ½ an hour earlier. How did he get here and how the hell did he know were she lived? She started to ask but as soon as she did he held his hand up in a silencing gesture. “Don’t ask”he said as he removed his shirt, letting it drop to the floor. She could she the bulge in his pants pressing against his jeans. How long has he been watching me? she wondered but her thoughts stopped imediately as he came towards her and ripped the blanket away.

“Don’t let me stop you” he said as he knelt onto the bed beside her. She was still very aroused from playing. Her ***** was soaked and a fine sweat had broken out over her body. The sensitive nerve endings in her **** were still firing as she caught his scent. It was an intoxicating woody aromar that stirred her feeling even more.

“I said... don’t stop”. His voice was foriegn but completely dominating and she slowly, nervously started to resume were she had left off. As soon as her fingertips brushed over her ***** the feelings came burning back to life, somehow intensified now by the presence of this man kneeling beside her. She could see the lust in his eyes as he watched her play. His **** was hard and throbbing constantly against his jeans, straining to be released.

She was soon rubbing fast and hard again with a surreal mix of fear, lust and need building up inside. She felt a complete loss of control yet at the same time was overcome by the heat burning between her legs. He undid his jeans and pulled them down releasing his hardened ****. It twitched and jumped with anticipation as he grabbed her by the back of the neck and guided her towards him. His musky scent and salty taste was over powering as she took him in her mouth. A deep groan passed his lips as she sucked him hard. He lent forward and guided her hands away from herself and to his hips and ***. He then continued were she had left off and a bolt of pleasure shot through her *****. He was stroking and massaging her **** in a way that was making her hips buck and her back arch off the bed. She was panting now as he manipulated and teased her, driving her arousal higher and higher weather she was ready for it or not.

He slid two fingers inside her tight ***** and they imediately hit her G spot making her gasp over his hot throbbing ****. He was slowly bucking his hips now, aching to be inside her. Over and over he massaged her G while using his other hand to pinch her hardened nipples and tease her ****. She was completely lost to him now... body buring for him and craving to ***. She suck hard and fast as he thrust his fingers deeply in and out her *****, raking over her G with every movement.

Her ***** was twitching, aching and clenching, the tension was unbearable as she finally felt the start of an ******. A long deep groan escaped her lips and her body tensed as the pressure got stonger and stonger. When it finally hit, her back arched completely off the bed and her entire body spasmed with each wave of pleasure that crashed through her. A long, strained, high piched grunt of pleasure came from deep within her. Her ***** clenched down around his fingers gripping him tightly and it just seemed to go on and on and on.

Finaly it subsided and exhausted, she collapsed back down on the bed, panting heavily. Her hips were still bucking a little uncontrollably as he withdrew his **** from her mouth and roughly flipped her over onto her stomach... he hadn’t even started with her yet.

He stood up, **** standing at attention. “Get on your knees at the edge of the bed” he told her as he took off his jeans. Her head was still reeling from ******* so hard and her legs were shaky but she obeyed.

As she positioned herself at the edge she felt his hands move roughly between her thighs then force her legs wide apart. She could feel the eagerness in him as he grabbed her hips and jerked her back a little more so her butt was protruding over the edge.


She jumped as she felt the hot sting of a hard slap on her ***.“Get that arse up” he said as he lifted crudely yanked her *** upwards by the hips.

“Are you ready for this pet?” he asked as she felt him positioning himself behind her. How was she going to answer him? She could feel the authority in his voice and his presence and he was controlling every single thing she did and felt. This was an authority she’d not experienced before and it filled a void that had always been empty. She needed it... craved it. Again she thought, how was she going to answer him?

“Yes... Sir”

“Good girl” and with that she gasped as she felt his full size thrust into her slowly and deeply, completely filling her. His strong hands still had hold of her hips and he pulled her onto him firmly, adding to the sensation. The walls of her ***** stretched and gripped him tightly as she tried to relax and she felt them raking along his thick shaft as he slowly pulled back. He thrust into her again, faster this time and a rhythm was starting.

His hands moved from her hips and slid along her sides then over her breasts. He massaged and kneaded them firmly, enjoying their size and feel then pinched and twisted her nipples hard sending a shot of pleasure through to her ****. He quickened the pace a little and again slapped her ***. Crack! It burned with a sweet dominating sting as she matched his pace.

The rhythm got quicker again and she felt another burning slap. Crack! Then two more on each side in quick succession Crack! Crack! She moaned deeply after the third slap; passing her lips in a broken, wavy sound as her body was jarred with every thrust from the lustful beast behind her. She’d never felt anything like this before. Her *** burned and pink welts were rising on her soft white skin but it was actually adding to the fire which was now already burning between her legs as he ****** her from behind.

He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back as he slammed into her. It made her back curve and her *** lift higher giving him even more control. She felt his balls slapping against her **** with every thrust and could hear him almost growling behind her. He was at a constant pace now, ******* her with a determination that she’d never experienced in her life. He reached under and started teasing her ****. Electricity jolted between her legs as he circled his fingers around it in perfect timing with his thrusts.

She felt another ****** starting to build and once again felt a little nervousness mixed with her lust. She’d never had two ******* in such a short space of time and didn’t know if she’d be able to handle it.

The nerves left as soon as they came when she suddenly realised that she wasn’t going to get a choice. He was going to make her *** when and as often as he liked whether she was ready or not.

She closed her eyes tight, bracing herself as her ***** started clenching around his thrusting ****. She was almost there with the tension become unbearable once again.
Just then she felt him grab her hips tightly, pulling her hard against him as he slammed into her even faster. She felt his body lock up and heard his long, deep groan as he thrusted in as deep as he could.

She felt his **** twitching and pulsing as it shot burst after burst of hot *** against her cervix.

That was it... Her own ****** hit her, accelerated by the reaction of his.

Her ***** clenched tight around his ****, gripping it like a fist. The pleasure was almost too much to bare. It was the strongest ****** she’d ever felt in her life. her legs and hips shook uncontrollably, her knuckles turned white as she gripped the bed and her head flew back even further as the first wave hit her then CRACK!!!

It was the hardest slap yet and she lost her mind. She howled at the top of her lungs. The delicious mix of intense pleasure and pain was too much and she was completely lost in her ****** as wave after wave crashed through her.

Finally, the waves subsided and she collapsed on the bed. Her body was electrified in afterglow and twitching as a few jolts of pleasure still ran through her loins. Instead of slapping her ***, he was now gently running his hand over it, easing the sting and leaving a warm tingly feeling that almost tickled. After a few moments he lay down beside her. He held her warmly in his arms and ran his fingers through her hair as he kissed her ears and neck.

Her mind drifted as he caressed her and held her close, claiming his prize. It was the most comfortable, natural feeling she’d ever experienced. She felt loved... She felt protected.... she felt ‘kept’. She was soon asleep and when she awoke he was gone. After looking for him throughout the home, she checked her phone. There was a single message left.

It read“Mmmm xx”.
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

What an amazing story! You are a very talented writer. I could easily put myself in her position and feel the passions. Great job. :)

I want that so badly....

You really know how to tell a story and make a girl wanting.