I Totally Hear You.

The neck is such a beautiful part of the body often overlooked. It's not something i specifically look for when i am looking at someone attractive, but when someone has a beautiful neck, i aknowledge it and appreciate it and i love it. We are so distracted by things like hair and weight and fashion. And i'm not disrespecting the attractiveness or skin or eyes or smiles or muscles. But nobody else seems to notice.. "that girl has a beautiful neck. That guy has such a perfect collar bone. Argh.. i love my boyfriend's neck and shoulders" and why not? it's so attractive!

I will admit that i DO have a bit of a vamp fetish, and i enjoy the idea of being bitten. but i think that my admiration for vampires is about power and control, and that my neck fetish is a different matter. I appreciate how beautiful they are, i love touching them and being touched.

I love the feeling of a guys neck when they have short hair at the back. I love having my hair up, and then letting it down and brushing against my neck. i LOVE my neck being kissed, bitten, scratched, touched, tickled, breathed upon... urg. just love it.

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throat is beautiful

Wow that sounds very fun! I would like to do that sometime, sounds great

i wouldn't really call it abnormal... i mean... it's just like most guys get aroused by boobs, someone might find a girl's legs really beautiful, or a girl might admire a guy's muscles. it's just that the neck is a body part that is more commonly overlooked. so there's nothing wierd about it really, you just have an eye for this particular piece of body-art. and i think everybody likes having their neck touched during sex, it's very sensitive.

I love to touch and gently stroke the woman's neck.<br />
Allso to massage it, from behind and gently search the pulse in the<br />
And look in the mirror to see the pulse while I gently squeeze it.<br />
To kiss the stretched neck and lick it.<br />

We've got a whole lot in common...whew!..glad I'm not alone!!

We would be so perfect together, This is exactly how I feel about the neck

heheheheh XD :) .. its swo awsum ! .. u so do ! :) can tel uv considered so many aspects ! :) awsummmmmm ! :D :) tx 4 sharin ;)