The Female Neck Is Beautiful!

Hello, I have a neck fetish as well, my particular fetish is women with Adam's apple, I feel it's extremely attractive. it's quite rare though, but they're out there. I knew a woman who had a very prominent Adam's apple, she would always wear turtle necks just to hide it, i told her one day, don't hide your neck, it very beautiful, she replied, i look like a man with this lump in my throat. i told her, no way, it looks very sexy on you. (oh, did i mention, she's 5"9, and her neck is very long.) At first, she thought i was nuts, but as time pasted, she felt very flattered but my compliments about her neck, after some time, she started to wear shirts or t-shirts to show off her neck. we became very close friends, one time, she even let me touch her Adam's apple, I was at my glory. Unfortunately, she moved away, but we still keep in contact.

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3 Responses Jul 7, 2008

tht must hav felt good to touch her adams apple i knw i love it whn i touch a guys adams appl

It's not unusal, no (not with me anyway ;-D ). Some people have hypothesised that fetishes occur when one spends alot of time around others where they show off that particular part of the body, in this case, the neck.<br />
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I have a huge neck fetish, especially female Adam's Apples, I can't get enough of them. I've had it since birth, and I'm only 16, so I still feel a little isolated and restricted about it. Hopefully in later life I will open up more. I do like it when women feel my neck, it feels so tranquil and serene, I love it.

I wouldn't all my admiration for a woman's neck a fetish, but there is something very appealing about a graceful neck, as well as shoulders and back and hands and fingers ( I love women cant help that :) )Meryl Streep (I think) has the most beautiful neck in the world.