Neck From Kerla

I went to guruvaiyoor from trissur in kerala via a bus . the bus was more crowd so i stood on the foot steps of the back door
After i went 2 stops a girl with her father came inside the bus .
she looks like a local girl .
At first i saw her neck only . Her neck in straight , long, with a slightly visible neck lines . Her throat is also slightly visible .
At the beginning her neck was the only part which is visible to me . As there were more crowd she turned that side
She was lean , Her neck is 3/4 length of her face approximately , i like that size of neck as it is easy for me if to hold it with a hand or two to quench my fetish
I got into the bus from the foot steps and stood beside her father
After 5 min her father dragged her to my side unknowingly about me
The back of her neck is in front of me , i got a feeling to hold a strangle lock to her and don't care about the consequence. If i have done like that i have not released the lock so she may suffocate , But i am not able to see her face so i changed the decision
If i was her lover i were her lover then i will lay her on my bed , get above her , place my hands on her neck and strangle her many times , also when her neck pops out i will kiss her on her lips
I got another feeling to place my hands on her neck , It was also a bad decision so i changed it
Suddenly she got out as the bus stopped
neckfetishmy neckfetishmy
22-25, M
Jan 20, 2013