Why I Love Females Adam's Apples

ive had to had to start again   under a diffrent name ok

when i was at  at a lovely holiday home with other people who have williams syndrome like me, they have helpers from  abroad and one year i

was there and there was a lovely girl  there i was 16  at the time and she had a massive adam's apple and at night time she would let me feel it bobbing away when she talked or drank


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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

i've had an adam's apple you could see since i was seven and never was teased like "girls don't have them. i'm now 22 with a throat fetish of my own and a pointy adams apple that really shows but... i think it adds to my looks so i love them on girls and guys and especially swallowing movement.<br />
<br />

I have a pretty prominent Adams apple.People like to look at it.I enjoy it.I also like big Adams apples on females,too.Guys @ gals should be proud of their big Adams apples.