Tickling And Coming Of Age

As a child I received very little love from my parents, only abuse from my father. At age 11 I left home and went to stay and work on the farms of relatives and friends.
In my uncle Willie's family there were 10 kids, 4 boys and 6 girls. They were all older than me. Uncle Willie was an alcoholic but otherwise a very kind man, even when he was drinking. However his drunkenness allowed us 11 kids to grow up fending for ourselves and mostly doing about whatever we wanted.
I had never been tickled much at all before, except there was a neighbor girl who babysat me when I was 4 or 5 who had a blast holding me down and tickling my bare feet. I'm from West Virginia so most of the year that's how I was: barefoot.
Anyhow I knew from my experiences with her that I was horribly ticklish, especially on the soles of my bare feet. When I moved in at uncle Willie's it didn't take all those wild cousins long to discover my "weakness".
Soon after I arrived one hot summer morning I found out just how life would be for me, a poor, skinny, tanned barefoot kid who was the smallest and most ticklish of all. Ray, the boy closest to my age at 12 but bigger, asked me to share his bed. I didn't mind anything at that point. I was just so happy to be away from the beatings I didn't care if I slept outside.
Anyhow Ray took me up the curved stairway of the old farmhouse to the big bedrooms upstairs. Nobody had their own room. It would have taken a hotel for 10 kids to have their own rooms. Ray's bed was under the rafters at the end of the attic. He dragged me over by the hand, shoved me down and said: "Try it!" I lay back and it was dusty with no sheets, but it was a bed so good enough.
"Are you good at wrestling, 'cause I am." said Ray. I answered "I don't know. Why do you wrestle?" Ray looked at me like I had just grown another head. "BECAUSE, dummy! You mean you never wrestled?" I said "Well no, I never had nobody to wrestle with. How do you do it?"
"First you flip to see who gets to start on top. Here's a penny. FLIP" I flipped the penny and it landed on the rough board floor. "OK don't look" said Ray. "What you pick, heads or tails?" I answered "Heads". Ray got down and looked at the penny. "HA HA you lose, its tails. I get to start on top, and if I pin you for 10, you got to let me do whatever I want." "Uh, OK" I croaked. I'd been held down and beaten by my old man so many times this didn't look good to me at all, but Ray jumped on top of me and said "GO!"
He was bigger and heavier but I managed to slip out from under him to the floor. Then, standing, I grabbed both his hands to keep him off me. "Damn Kevy, that's GIRL wrestlin'!" said Ray with a disappointed look. "Try and take me down!"
I ducked under and grabbed him around the waist, hoping to get him on the floor, but he just laughed wickedly and turned me upside down. Those hillbilly cousins of mine were strong as bulls. In seconds I was on my back again with Ray on top. I struggled but he was counting. "7- 8- 9- 10... I WIN!" he giggled loudly but stayed on top of me. Suddenly he put his nose right down to mine and said:
"Now, YOU got to let me do whatever I want with you, remember?"
"Yeah, OK that's what you said. What you gonna do?" Ray's eyes flashed a wicked grin. "Lay down on the bed again. NOW, slave!"
I crawled up on the bed and lay back again, wondering what in heck would happen next. I had no idea where everyone else was. It was one of the few times the house wasn't crowded with kids. "Put your hands up." commanded Ray, saying it like a robber to his victim.
I obeyed and raised both hands to the top of the bed. It was an ancient iron headboard that was partly rusted. He produced a coil of rope from under the mattress. "Hold still, don't move, slave!" Ray ordered, and I obeyed like he was my old man.
Ray tied both my wrists over my head to the rusty headboard, then moved down to my dusty but tender bare feet. I was wearing only cutoff jeans, the standard item of clothing every hillbilly boy in West Virginia wore all summer. Ray pulled my legs hard to stretch me very tight,
then tied my tanned ankles to each side of the rusty footboard. When he sat up and turned back to me I was totally helpless. I gulped "Whatcha gonna do now?" I watched Ray think about his new captive slave. "Hmmmm, I'm thinkin" he said. I ain't had nobody tied up for quite awhile now." I was, at 11, impressed that Ray seemed to be a "pro" at tying people up, and had apparently done it before.
While he was thinking I tested the ropes on my wrists and ankles. Yep, he was good at it. I was tied tight, and would be his prisoner as long as he felt like keeping me. I remember I wasn't really afraid because at least nobody had beaten me black and blue yet, which always happened with my old man, so I was OK with being tied up. Ray seemed to get an idea. He went over to the window sill and picked up a dead fly. "Here, slave... EAT IT". He straddled my middle and pushed the fly into my lips. I shook my head and mumbled "NO! that thing's dirty!" But Ray kept at it. "Open up, slave...EAT!" he commanded, and on impulse grabbed my bare ribs. I let out a shout of laughter, and right then he popped the fly into my mouth. "HA HA." he said. "You ate it!" I could only shake my head and try to spit out the fly, but to keep me from spitting Ray grabbed my skinny ribs again. I screamed "HEY! DON'T! HAHAHAHAHAHA, and swallowed the fly whole." This was extremely delightful for Ray. "Wait, slave, I get another one." And he went to the window to look for more flies. But he found none and walked slowly back to the bed. I watched him  as he studied, then a grin of sheer evil came on his face. He jumped up and straddled me again, then put his nose down to mine. "Heyyy, I found out something just now...
YOU'RE TICKLISH!" Ray shouted with glee, and dug all ten of his fingers hard into my ribs. "YAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
I screamed and laughed and struggled desperately against the ropes, but he had me. He kept tickling and put his face an inch from mine. "Hee hee hee... I'm gonna TICKLE you to DEATH slave!"  I desperately squealed and laughed out "OHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOO!! PLEASE
DON'T HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Ray was having the time of his life. Having been the youngest child he had, up til then, been the one the rest of the kids picked on. But now he had a helpless victim all his own. It was a dream come true for Ray.
He tickled my ribs and pits until I was out of breath and sweaty, then sat up and looked me over. "PLEASE Ray, PLEASE! NO MORE! I begged, but Ray was having way too much fun. He said "NAW, I get to do whatever I want, remember?" And he moved down to my tied and helpless bare feet. I was in panic by then. I was horribly ticklish and he was eyeing up my worst spot! "NOOO PLEASE, NOT THAT! PLEASE DON'T!!!"
But Ray just grinned. He cooed "AWWW is my lil slave ticklish on his feeeeet?" I begged "PLEASE NO! DON'T RAY... DO SOMETHING ELSE PLEEEASE!!!" But Ray started scratching both my dusty bare soles with his rough fingernails, and I knew he was going to kill me. "YAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH GODDD NOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP PLEASE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
I was hysterical from the horrible torture but he just kept on, laughing with me, taunting me as I struggled and howled with shrieking laughter. "Hee hee ha ha" Ray giggled. "I'm gonna do this all day!" "NOOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
The feeling of his tough fingers digging into my soles made me sob and scream in agony. Then I felt my bladder let go. A flood of urine soaked my cutoffs and the bed. Ray was transfixed by this when he turned to see what he had done. "SHEEEITT!" Ray laughed. "I made you pee yourself- hahahaha, man this is FUN!" And he went right back to torturing my soft arches with a passion. With no more pee left I was laughing and crying,
going out of my mind with hysteria. Then as if things weren't bad enough I heard Ray's older brothers coming up the stairs. They padded in the room  barefoot and stared at me. There were 3 of them. Joe, age 13, Ronnie, 15 and Tommy, 16. After long, serious looks Tommy spoke up first .
"Ray, what the hell...we heard him screaming way down to the river. What you doin to him?" I was laying there tied down with soaking wet shorts while 4 boys stood around the bed looking. I was still crying, but I thought the older boys might make Ray let me go. Ray said "Tommy...we wrestled and he lost, so I get to do anything I want, remember?" Tommy studied a moment and said "Yeah, them's the rules alright, but why he yellin' and laughin' like that til he pee himself?" Ray grinned "Guys, Kevy is TICKLISH!" I saw the 4 brothers look at each other and grin. "TICKLISH?" they repeated, "That bad?" And they began to laugh out loud. Ronnie spoke up and motioned.
"Guys, c'mere a minute." Through tears I watched them walk to the other end of the room. I heard them talking a minute, then they all giggled together and walked back to the bed. Tommy said "Kevin you see none of us are ticklish hardly at all, and havin' you bein' this bad we just got to try you out, so yer gonna have to stand it fer awhile." I couldn't believe what I heard. I screamed and pulled at the ropes. "WHAT?! What y'all gonna do?!"
The 4 boys around the bed laughed. Joe giggled "You find out!"
Joe got up at the head of the bed and sat on my upstretched arms. Ray and Ronnie took their places down by my feet, and Tommy straddled my middle. I was terrified. Tommy said "Hey we got to take these shorts off and see what ya got." He unzipped my cutoffs and pulled them down. I started sobbing because whatever they were going to do they were not going to untie me. Not then, maybe not EVER!
Tommy smiled when he saw my exposed peepee. He flipped it with one finger and said "Damn Kevin you got a nice thang for only 11. Looks like 4 or 5 inches already."
"NOOOOO!" I sobbed PLEASE! NO MORE!!!" Joe was staring intently from his perch. "Tommy, better cover him up with a rag, he might pee again." Tommy took my member in his man sized fist and pulled it slowly up and down. I tensed and felt my peepee get hard. "Naw, I don't think so Joey. I think he's done peein', but he might do somethin' else. Remember your first time?" Joe giggled. "Oh yeah. I remember. He maybe do that if we help him." The other boys looked at each other and laughed.
I was beside myself by then. Not only were all my ticklish spots exposed but even my private parts were wide open for anything the boys wanted to do. I had no idea what was going to happen and didn't want to guess. Tommy sat up on my middle and said "OK ready Kevy, this is gonna be real fun for you like it was for us!" I felt like I was going to faint or vomit, but just then I heard Ronnie say from down at my feet "OK Ray, you 'member keep tickling same as me 'til Tommy says NOW, and then we dig right in his spots, OK?" "OK!" I heard Ray answer with a giggle. "Can we start?"
"Yeah, GO!" said Tommy, and I had just 1 second to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" before all 4 boys began tickling. Tommy tickled my ribs and stomach, Joe tickled me under my stretched armpits and Ronnie and Ray dug their fingers into my soles. It was the worst agony I had ever been in my whole life! I screamed and sobbed, shaking my head from side to side, slinging snot and tears all over the bed. I savagely clenched my helpless toes and struggled furiously against the ropes, but mostly I LAUGHED! Loud and long in shrieking madness. It tickled so bad I knew death was near, yet the laughter kept pouring out, on and on. After several minutes of complete hysteria Tommy began tickling my soft nipples, browned by the summer sun. I laughed even harder but something started to happen. My member stood up rock hard and there was a pressure in my privates like I was going to pee again. But I didn't pee. Tommy took my erection in his big warm fist again and pulled it up and down, up and down. Through my laughter I moaned "NOOOO!!! DON'T! IT HURTS! STOP! PLEASE!!"
Tommy spit a big gob into his palm and began stroking my peepee some more. I was still laughing but something was different. I tried to wiggle my pelvis to get my member out of his grip but I was stretched so tight it was no use. When Joe took over gently tickling my nipples I couldn't stand it.
"NOOO!! TOMMY STOP! I DON'T LIKE IT!!!" I croaked through my tears, but he giggled and kept on. "Yes you do Kevy," he whispered, "Yes you do!" 
A minute later I felt something VERY different. Instead of feeling the intense tickling of my nipples and soles so bad I now felt my peepee was almost ready to burst. Tommy spit on his hand again and pulled up and down faster. Now I realized it felt GOOD! I was grinding my hips into the mattress while I moaned "MORE TOMMY! PLEASE OH GODD!" Tommy cooed at me in his deep voice "Let it go Kevy, c'mon just let it go!" I moaned and giggled. Nothing had ever been like this before. I stretched my neck up and closed my eyes, moaning "C'mon guys... OH! NO!" Tommy said "OK !" and I felt Ray and Ronnie tickle right under the balls of my feet. I couldn't even laugh. I felt Tommy's stroking hand forcing me further and Joe's fingers on my nipples. I couldn't hold myself. Something was gonna burst out and it wasn't pee! Another few seconds, then reflexes clenched my toes and arched my back. "AAAAAAAUGH!!!" "AAAAAAAAUGH!!" "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" I writhed and screamed as I felt myself squeezing inside again and again, Tommy kept pulling and the heavy squeezing went on. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" "AAAAAAAAUGH!!!" I yelled and through tears I looked down at my peepee. As I groaned with every squeeze white liquid gushed out of me in long squirts. Ronnie, Ray and Joe tickled me while Tommy stroked until the last drop of clear white syrup oozed out. I moaned and twisted on the bed in ecstasy. "MORE! MORE! DO IT AGAIN!" I begged, and all 4 boys laughed out loud. "SEE, told ya!" giggled Tommy, as he pinched the last bit of juice off the tip.
"WELCOME KEVY!" they all shouted. "You're one of us now!" and they laughed while they tickled and untied me then wiped me down. Needless to say that summer was the best of my life, because we all had a blast with our "game". Especially me, 'cause I was the most fun to tickle!
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Kulahady, this is the best of your writings that I have read. Although I have never experienced anything like this, it encompasses all of the elements that I enjoy; the chase, capture and multi-level "torture" of the person caught. Great job.

Its easy to write about actual experiences, and this story is based on an almost detail-for-detail experience I had as
a boy living with older hillbilly cousins. There wasn't much privacy growing up so close to so many kids near my own
age, and my horrible ticklishness was always a source
of gleeful but fiendish fun for kids who loved making me their "victim", and the tickling always escalated into more torturers and more "spots" because of my wild reactions. Most of my stories are from real or very similar to life experiences. Glad you liked it.

This is a great story. It is the kind of thing that those of us addicted to tickle torture dream about, night and day! I don't know if I have ever been tortured quite as badly as this, but I've had some wild experiences and look forward to many more. Thanks for sharing this.