Tickle Torture And Stress

I've been told the desire to be restrained and tickle tortured within an inch of death involves deep psychological issues in your life.
Me I'm a simple guy with up-front and uncomplicated thoughts and feelings. Friends who have known me for years say I'm always the same far as my personality, which is bouncy, alive and humorous 95% of the time. I have no "Ape In The Cage" at home where I think evil black thoughts about persons and things. That's just not me.
I do have many responsibilities that go with a full and rewarding life. My friends depend upon me for love and advice. Several older folks depend upon me to help them with physical therapy, and my b/f depends upon me being there for him to "unload" his troubles to
after a hard day. All this is fine, I like it and it makes me feel good that people trust me. I try to live up to their trust.
But how about ME? MY personal needs and desires mostly take a back seat to everyone else's. That is what accounts for my mood in the other 5% of my life when I become overwhelmed, stressed and depressed by it all. Some days I just get "burned out". I can't help it. Although others see me as strong and capable I KNOW I'm weak in many areas and need cheering up. But HOW, when everyone around you have lives that are going to hell?
The story I wrote about my nurse friend in the Florida Keys is absolutely TRUE in every detail. She knows me pretty well as a good friend but not a girlfriend, and noticed me getting down. That's why she suggested she tie me down and tickle me silly. She knows my spots
and though she has a fetish for tickling male feet and enjoyed our sessions alot she was also able to keep it professional far as it being a serious therapy for me and not just erotic fun. She would give me "Tickle Therapy" as much as 3 times per week during times I was stressed out and depressed, and IT WORKS!
While she was doing it every other thought of work, cares and responsibility went completely out of my mind. I am exquisitely ticklish so while being tickle tortured there's only ONE thought on my mind the whole session, and that's LAUGHING! Tickle torture puts me in such helpless agony it drives stress away for days with sheer ticklish hysteria. I'm the type that when I'm being tickled I don't giggle, I LAUGH uproariously, loud and long until my breath is gone. Tickling forces that out of me against my will, and the position of being strapped down gives me no other choice. I think that is the healthy part. I'm tied helpless so I'm no longer in control. I have no responsibility for what happens, even to my own body and mind. During torture that is completely in the hands, (and fingers) of the tickler.
So I'm a firm believer in the value of tickle torture to the health of mind, body and soul. Now that I had to move out of the Keys to South Florida I'm not close enough for my friend to "treat" me. I feel depression coming on and really NEED to be tickled senseless. But until I find someone, male or female, (it doesn't matter to me- tickling is playful and fun but not too sexually erotic unless my b/f does it), I just have to wait and suffer. Its a shame there is no network or web site where 'lers and 'lees can hook up for tickle torture.

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wrong.. tickling has nothing to do with psych issues. wrong

You can't make that judgment about others whose mind, body and soul are
different from yours. All I know is IT WORKS FOR ME.

i know the feeling friend

Anyone near Chicago who likes tickle therapy?

would love some therapy....know anyone in MI.

Loved your storie. I so wish I lived in usa . I feel the totaly same maybe if u like we could set up a thing for ppl like us who just want tied and ticked . I live in scotland but I think we should get tickle buddies from all over the world ?....

Well Mike I was actually her first MALE "patient" far as tickle therapy goes. My friend had done it to several of her female friends before me. She was hesitant to tickle a guy because many guys get sexually aroused being tickled by a female, and it wasn't about sex. The fact I'm gay and don't get<br />
aroused when a female tickles me was why she suggested I try it.<br />
But ticklish laughter therapy should catch on in the mainstream. Plain laughter therapy has been done for years already but it involves voluntary laughter, ie that produced by watching funny movies or listening to comedy routines. But tickling forces involuntary, hysterical laughter and since the "patient" is restrained the laughter can be prolonged and intense enough to produce the endorphin "rush" in the brain that is so beneficial. Regular laughter isn't enough.<br />
You also have to be VERY ticklish for it to work properly. Just giggles don't get it.

Oh wow! I love being tied down and relentlessly tickled. Tickle therapy is a great idea. Maybe I could be her first "patient" as I too live in FLA USA. Mike