I Have Too Many Needs!

I need a full-time AND part-time job, I need a car, I need more clothes & another pair of shoes. I need my independence & freedom. I need people to get off my back. I need people to stay out of my personal business & stop trying to harass & control me. I need to live a normal life instead of being treated like a child because of my anxiety. They see my extreme anxiety & OCD as not normal, so they consider it crazy or slow/retarded.

otad12 otad12
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Wow, well said, I need all the things you just said. Each and everyone of them. Thank you.

I need everything you've said ;)<br />
I got some & I'm sure you'll get them soon !

I am retarded. I think. But I'm not sure.<br />
<br />
Or maybe I just don't try.<br />
I need a job too, but I don't have any job skills. so I decided that i would just have to go to school. <br />
If that doesn't work out, I'll apply for a job collecting garbage. At least you're always out and about and I couldn't say that I didn't go anywhere at the end of the day.