My Only Big Obstacle..

For those of you that know me, here on EP, you know that I have faced many obstacles, and I have overcome the majority.  I do not let anything stand in my way of my dreams.  I have dedicated my life to sharing my story and inspiring others.  I also want nothing but to reach my dreams...and I know that anything is possible.

For those of you that do not know anything about me, I am a 28-year-old, paraplegic due to a car accident 7 years ago and a single mother of three beautiful little girls.  My dream is to become a motivational/inspirational speaker and to finish college, earning my Bachelor's degree in Psychology so that I can counsel other young women who have faced domestic violence.  (My accident was a result of domestic abuse)  I also would love to counsel other people who are victims of spinal cord injuries.  I dream of touching as many people as I can with my story, and to show the world that anything is possible, no matter what we are faced with in life...I am living proof of that.  (You may read more about me in my stories or in my blog)

Here lately, things seem to falling into place, but I still have one obstacle.  I want to be able to finish school, but I have to rely on other people in my life for transportation.  I am able to drive, with hand controls, but I first have to take a driving class to learn the skills to do so before I can take my road test for my license.  To take the class, I have to have a car equipped with hand controls.  I do not need a special van, just a regular car (That can fit my 3 girls in the back) that is equipped with hand controls.  Because of my financial situation, and living off a limited income of disability and social security (less than $650.00/month), this is one of those dreams that feels like it is too far out of reach for me.  Unfortunately, I live outside of city limits, so public transportation is not an option me I have tried everything.  I am very thankful, that I have good friends and family, that help me as much as they can, but they have lives of their own as well.

I am willing to drive anything, as long as it has four wheels and runs..I just need the independence that driving gives you.  Not only would I be able to finish school, but I would also be able to just take my girls to the park, or the grocery store, without relying on anyone but myself.  Just thinking about the freedom, gives me chills.  That is the one piece of my life, that stops me from having the total independence that other people have. 

I know that one day, I will reach all of my dreams..I will never give up...but I also know that I need help.  There are some times in life when we need the help of others to obtain our goals..we just have to ask.  Maybe someone on EP, may have some suggestions for me...I have nothing to lose and it never hurts to try. 

Keep me in your prayers.


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Thank you so much Lucky! I am a lot closer than I was when I wrote this, but still working on it. I have accomplished so much, and am finally living my dream of being an advocate for people who are differently abled!

You will find a way! Especially with that hope and determination of yours!<br />
<br />
I hope you have by now

Angel, I am very new to this site and you are the third letter I have read. I started in a different forum and landed here. Perhaps to read your story. <br />
<br />
While I have not posted my story, I will give yours my complete attention and always think of a way to succeed in getting what is needed. <br />
<br />
Just because I am barely surviving my situation does not mean I can not help others. There is always a way. And we all can come together and find it. Money can not buy my childrens want for me to be around. <br />
<br />
Perhaps I have been sent to this site for a reason. Time will tell. My Heart is open those in need, as so am I. I may not be savable, but you may be an amazing example of what can be done with faith, and friends. <br />
<br />
I am truly touched.

What an inspiration your story is, I am so glad I stumbled upon it. I needed it today. I'm certain you will touch many...just as you hope you will.<br />
<br />
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you both so much for your comments. TouchOFspring: thank you! Everytime I hear that I have touched someone, it puts me one step closer to my dream!xoxo

Sorry Angel I don't know how to get you a car, but as always you are in my prayers.