Best Friends Forever...Why Did "forever" end? I Need You Back...

I need to be close to my best friend again. We have known each other for eight years. We have lived and gone to school with each other for 3 years and written letters for 5 (after I moved away).  In total we have written about a letter/month apart...until this year. I visited her every summer (the place where we met was also my country of origin) until she moved away two years later.

I love her (platonically) and feeling her drift away from me is almost breaking my heart. I feel pathetic because I don't think she feels the same. It's just that I have been dealing with so much more that this and usually she is the one who is there to talk to me. When I contact her, I think she feels that I am almost crazy because I use so many question marks on her facebook page. It's just that my other friends seem to be finding others as well. I love to be social. At camp I was called "spunky", "hilarious!", "exciting", "fun" and voted the one with the "most expressive face" lol. Now my social life is deteriorating and I feel so alone.

Where did everything go? What now?

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thanks everyone, it means a lot to me that I am not the only one experiencing this. It really is hard to stay in touch with people. I just feel lucky to have so many great friends. I am also sure to make more as I enter the next stage of life.

I almost have the same experience as you do. We've been close for 7 years now we're parted away. We know each other secrets and problems. Now, they have their friends and I have my own now. But we're still hanging out together once in a while. And that's what I feel, feeling like slowly but surely they're drifting away. All of a sudden I feel like stranger among them. I tried to talk to one of them, but it seems that that's the way it is. I just think that maybe they don't even bother what I feel. I mean they don't feel the way I feel.<br />
So, all I can say is that life goes on. Maybe it's the time that u may find friends, new ones, along the way and just move on.

I had the same thing , I think some friendships just run a course and then people change or something ..I don't waste any more time worring about it.<br />
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uhhhh haha okay I won't - question - why are there so many...sexual people on here? I was expecting something a lot more innocent!