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I tend to automatically answer in my day to day that I have one nephew, and he is 10 months old, and will go into detail about him.

I often leave out the fact that i have two others - I have a 24 year old nephew and a 17 year old nephew - they are the children of my sister and I have seen neither of them in over 14 years - so the last time I saw both of them they were very young.  I do think of them but their mother did not allow them to visit or make contact with my parents and the last person I wanted to make contact with was her. 

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3 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Bebe ,Lindsay wool from the Isle of Arran..... oops told you my real name , still nobody heard did they .... whats that we black box up there with the red light one that looking right at me ?

I have know people that have aunts or uncles that are younger than them... kinda weird...

Whats in a name ... Iam named after a ball of wool