Intermitently Great..

Did I misspell intermitently? I don't care.
My roommate just told me he's moving out Sept 1. That's cool with me. I don't see any problems with supporting myself anymore. I have school, I will have a laptop and internet, and will be living all by myself finally. He wanted me to take his cats for a month until he gets "settled" in at his new place with his gf. That's OK. Then after that, my little girl will be free! She will have the place to herself.
Things are changing. I pray God is with me. I have found a way for myself now, and want to do well in school. It's so different from the old days. When my dad sends my photo albums I can look at the past. In my hand instead of head. I'm a little obsessed about where I came, from, who I was...I don't know why. I feel so distanced from her, the only me. It scares me sometimes. I don't feel like the same person. Yet I am her. Everyone I know from the good times has moved on, and away from me. I only have the memories. I don't really know the future...
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

That's exciting! I finally got a new place all to myself for the first time a little less than a year ago. Changed everything completely. I've always been independent, so I wasn't worried either... but it was a change. You really get to explore yourself. I made it my home. But at the same time, I only put so much effort into it, because in the end I always find myself going out instead of staying in! haha.

Blessings ad good karma to you, friend.

I send you well wishes and high hopes for the future. It is great news that you are beginning a wonderful new stage of your life. It's good to hear you still remember your past but you're concentrating on your furture because, for me at least, I feel like that is always a better thing to do when you want to do something and keep moving with your life. I think I understand you, well as much as I can from reading this, when you say you feel like a totally different person from the past self you were. I think of it as a good thing though as it shows you have growed and strengthened through the obstacles in your life. And if it get a little scary just think of a catterpillar, they go through a big change to become a butterfly but they will still always be a catterpillar, change doesn't mean new, it just means different. And don't worry about the furture too much cos know one knows it especially when everything everyone does in the present affects the future differently each time. Take care and good luck (although it sounds like you're doing just fine) :)