Pat the Pig

                                          Yes hes brand new and not just a regular pig but a guinnea pig. He came to stay with us on Saturday and hes pretty content soo far!! Hes an adult and male of course amd multi colored. I told my husband it was a Fathers day present which of course wasnt the case. Pat needed a home with people that would spoil him and nurture him alot!I think Pat will need a mate eventually and will work on that one day soon! I appreciate your comments!!

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Well if I ever get my daughter to stand still Ill get you pics-thanks Physical Wreck!

Thanks Split well its only talk right now. I raise the little cuties when I was a kid-thanks!

Be careful with the mate thing though as I think once they get a mate they no longer want anything to do with anyone/thing else.

Cool pet though... might be able to handle one of those... MAYBE

Thanks Physical Wreck!

Thanks Kindal- I think he will be fun!

Did you also tell him he gets to clean up the mess? LOL

Well after all it is HIS gift right? tee hee

Congrats on your lil piglet Pat. I never had a guinnea before. Sounds very cute and fun.

Thank Icafewood for your comment!

They are very cute .. Happy for you ! squeak . squeaky ..yup he's got a groovy home ..

Thanks you all you are all great!

ooh a guinea pig, they're so cute! a new pet in the family is always exciting. i'm glad he's doing well. i know pat is very lucky to be part of a family that will love him so!

Upload some pics so we can get a look at the little guy. Just make sure you keep him indoors because those rattlesnakes would find him to be a tasty snack.

Ohhh,a guinnea pig,you scared me for a minute,I thought you said a pot bellied pig,lol.These are much better they're sooo cute and tiny!!!