Pat the Pig

                                          Yes hes brand new and not just a regular pig but a guinnea pig. He came to stay with us on Saturday and hes pretty content soo far!! Hes an adult and male of course amd multi colored. I told my husband it was a Fathers day present which of course wasnt the case. Pat needed a home with people that would spoil him and nurture him alot!I think Pat will need a mate eventually and will work on that one day soon! I appreciate your comments!!

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10 Responses Jun 24, 2009

Well if I ever get my daughter to stand still Ill get you pics-thanks Physical Wreck!

Thanks Split well its only talk right now. I raise the little cuties when I was a kid-thanks!

Be careful with the mate thing though as I think once they get a mate they no longer want anything to do with anyone/thing else. <br />
<br />
Cool pet though... might be able to handle one of those... MAYBE

Thanks Physical Wreck!

Thanks Kindal- I think he will be fun!

Thank Icafewood for your comment!

They are very cute .. Happy for you ! squeak . squeaky ..yup he's got a groovy home ..

Thanks you all you are all great!

ooh a guinea pig, they're so cute! a new pet in the family is always exciting. i'm glad he's doing well. i know pat is very lucky to be part of a family that will love him so!

Upload some pics so we can get a look at the little guy. Just make sure you keep him indoors because those rattlesnakes would find him to be a tasty snack.