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Proud New Aunt

My sister just gave birth to a 7 pound 3 oz. baby girl, Mila is her name, she is so adorable, proud new mommy my sister, proud new auntie is me!

RachelR RachelR 26-30, F 12 Responses Jun 30, 2009

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Congratulations. Babies are adorable, just luv 'em.

She is, thanks for the kind words FallenEcho.

Thanks for the kind words Impulsive.

congrats Rachel, i'm happy for you, you deserve joy and happiness in your life. and i wish your sister luck, i'm sure Milia will be a great girl....just like her aunt.<br />
<br />
<br />
my sisters pregant too, shes going to give birth around christmas i think...heh i feel sorry for the kid...well i'll have to teach it all i know haha

I love that story, tell you what, I couldn't do this without my sister, lol.

I'm in a silly daze too, myself! My niece was born on 22 May and I'm still walking on air. Her four-year-old brother is a "gone-er" too; he and I spend time grinning like soppy fools at that lanky, slightly gangsterish girl who is already like 100 times more assertive than her brother ever was at the same age. She doesn't communicate by crying, but by bopping us and yelling at us!<br />
<br />
:D<br />
<br />

Thank you guys so much, this EP thing is not bad.

I am soaking it all in, she is so beautiful.

Congratulations! I love babies! I wish little Mila, her Mummy, and her *Aunt Rachel1386* every good thing which a simple EP comment can possibly carry.<br />
<br />
Love,<br />

Precious little baby girl. Thanks flourlady.

Congrats on being an aunt and the new baby!