The Idea

Ok. I have an idea. If there are reasons this will not work then tell me now. In my pursuit of Utopia or happiness, I found some new ideas kind of. What do people need? Truthfully, they need the absolute basics of survival first then they can concern themselves with other things. What are the basic needs of survival? Well, there is only one. Substanance or food. That is the only thing that if you don't have you will die. That's it. Food. Now, what else keeps you alive? Well, without a better words to use, medical help. How does one get medical help? Well, you either see an educated person or become educated yourself. Typically, what is the best medical help one can gt or do? I personally think that it is preventitive action. I like to sum that up into a word called training. Therefore, training is the best preventative action for health concerns.

In the previous paragraph, I concluded that in order to stay alive the best thing to do is eat, medicate(when needed),educate, and train.

The idea is simple. The golden pot. Well, to be more specific. A possibly government controlled worldwide effort to feed, medicate, educate, and train the world using a unlimited amount of money from something I call the golden pot. Economist would flip out if I said an unlimited amount of cash, but that is not my area of expertise. I believe a wordlwide monitored system could be used effectively. Besides economist, who could argue with the idea? If you can by all means do it. The idea needs vast improvement, support, and advertisement!

If research, training, education, food supply, and training were not limited by a cash economy then I believe everything would flourish. For those who say it is impossible, I say show me the facts. My area of expertise is numbers. I'm a mathematician. If people could spend their lives being educated and trained instead of worrying about their next meal or medical bill then how many crimes would be stopped? How many scientific breakthroughs could we have? How much more disease could we cure? How much more great could mankind be? I don't want to beat the system. I want to make an unbeatable system. Remember, Utopia is a place without need, but you can only have no need after you have died. Why should we have our needs compete for popularity when everyone knows what we need?

Education and training could be put into one category with research being a part of education. If people are doing research then they are trying to do no more than educate whoever is concerned about the topic at hand.

The medical business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world next to sex. I don't think sex needs any help flourishing, but there has been research done that says where people are more educated they have less babies. Regardless, I say this to remind you that these are not the only businesses that trade economy runs off of. Therefore, trade economies can stay intact. Think houses, motor vehicles, clothes, hairstyles, alcohol, (in places where they are legal) non-medical drugs(not advised but to each hisher own), electronics, etc.

I want opinions, suggestions, hatemail?, anything. O yea, it's just an idea.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

what is good for you? imagine yourself in the brave new world, see yourself there, see the kind of person you would be, strive to become that person and your whole world will change with you