Well Maybe I'm Jinxing It Though.

I don't actually HAVE it yet. But I have an appointment today at 4, where they're going to submit me an offer.
And I already know what's in the offer.
And I'm going to accept it.
And tomorrow I'll be giving my current employer two weeks notice.

I am excited, nervous, terrified and happy all at the same time.
Seven years at the same place is a long time...

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5 Responses Jun 1, 2010

Congratulations on something really cool.

I'm getting ready to fire up the grill for chops too.<br />
Grilled veggies<br />
Wild Rice<br />
<br />
And a bottle of Tequila.

Score!<br />
You deserve a celebratory dinner!!!<br />
Whatchoo gonna make?<br />

Okay.<br />
So long, suckers!

$$$ So long, suckers! $$$