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Best Ever!

I still have my other job but now I am also a phone sex operator, basically talking dirty to men over the phone lol! I only started last wekk but it's great coz I work from home, I'm working now until 2am!!! Some of the calls I get are so funny you wouldn't believe! Some people are so gross I have to try so hard not to laugh!! I'll share some funny ones I've had a little later after I've been through my mail!!

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 20 Responses Oct 4, 2008

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Which company is it? I just got hired doing the same thing. I havent quite started yet but will be soon. I am hoping to make lots of money hehe

Good for you, sweetie. Do it as long as you have that healthy attitude about it. If it gets "demeaning" you can tell yourself it's just a job!

what made you to share this story with everyone!!! its interesting but still is it that imp!!!lol...

Is it creative do you think , I mean not having a script, how do you roll with it? Do you talk or do you have to moan and ****. Do you do role play stuff ?<br />
I have never used a phone sex line , just don't like paying for phone sex but am interested in how it goes.

How the heck does a person go about finding a job like that??? lol

I had a friend who did that for deaf people. Used a TTY machine. She does well. Nothing wrong with it.

Nah I didn't find myself turned on, only once there was this guy and he had the sexiest damned voice ever! I almost rang him back to talk to him some more lol! I stopped doing it now, only because the company take too much of the money - it's s rip off! I have had people pay me through my paypal account the full amount and work it out privately, much better that way but paypal can be a ***** and freeze your account if they think your using your account for what they deem to be adult work.

I think i would love that job , only having women call me, would be awsome and would stay STD free

It's £14.80 for ten minutes!!

how much is it?

Not at what they charge! I can't believe people pay so much!!

so we will all be calling the phone sex lines asking for you lol :)

ha ha! I'm not telling the number :)

and the number is...? lol ;)

Well im glad you are having fun with it !!!

We don't have scripts or anything just have to make it up as we go along, gets kind of hard with a 30minute one!! Just had a 10minute call then, the bloke was okay and said he'd ring me again, if I get a request then I get more money so thats cool!

*Grabbing pen and paper*

You know i actually sent for the info on this at one time ..the more i read the more i realized with my uh lil ole temper it probably wasn't a good idea , i did get a kick out of the scripting though! :)

lol!!! It's so much fun! You just never know what kind of guy will be on the other end of the phone. At the minute I only do landline calls but they'll be sending me a mobile soon so I can do international calls and mobile calls!! :)

Jeez, that sucks. hiehiehiehie