A New Position

                                 Well as some of you know I used to take care of a mentally challenged lady- well her Mom kind of went crazy so I didnt have any work. I was trying to get her removed from her Moms house and still am but its so much red tape. But, anyway in the meantime I had a few weeks off without any money and I have to work as I have kids to feed and clothe  so I got a new position. I now work for Rich FOODS. They have factories all over the Usa. each one produces a different product. The plant here produces cakes.So, yes the Flourlady works in cakes-Lol. I also found out that they have a plant in Africa and one in Australia-woohoo! I think Im going to like it  although I work midnight to eight so I wont be on here late anymore but its all good isnt it.Ill just have to be on here when I can...............

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16 Responses Dec 20, 2009

Flour is really good just busy! I love you all!

You must be busy as work, I just miss you, and wanted to wish you the best

Thanks to all of you. Its going well. I work graveyards and cant get on EP as much!

yes Im pretty well adjusted my friend. Its going well-thanks

Happy New Years Flour. And best wishes at your new job.........

Congratulation on your new job, you think you can transfer to Africa or Australia?

Congrats on your new job Flour..............now you can send us all a cake or two........ smiles

have you seen Pixs new one its even sexier. Thanks to you Eyeno too!

LOL hav to keep up with U and UR lovely daughter and Pixi is a hard one to beat! HaHa! :--))Hope to see more of U this YR!

Its going well Candy-thanks Hey your avatar is pretty sexy girl!

Hi Hope UR doing good on ur Grave yard shift..does it seem to go fast? HUGS! Hope the New Yr! is going good too for u and family!!

Thanks Candy yeah I do close the blinds it helps!

Happy for U it's a good company and how cool ! and cakes what a joy!I worked grave shift before I really liked it, the time flew so fast!(but i had to put shutters on my windows to sleep !) lOv Ya ~xox cAnDy! Best To U sweet FlourLady!!

Thank you all you are all awesome!!

Thanks June you are so great always optimistic. I like that !

I'm glad you found the job you have now, Flour - especially since it seems apt :)<br />
<br />
And you can create the group I Am Cool because I Work Night Shift! LOL