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The account managers are a new department in the company, and 6 of us were hired for this position. The company is a new company which provides insurance leads to insurance salespeople of all types(I won't name it so no one can stalk me). There are presently only 3 account managers. It is a customer service position and most of our calls will be outbound. that way, instead of the customer calling us if they have an account question or issue, we call them first periodically in order to check on the account so that they will be able to voice any feedback to us and we can update or make changes to the accounts or help with website questions(but we'll also get inbound calls). The job is 9-5 monday through friday. pay is $9 an hour. Haven't had a job like that in a long time and it is taking a ton of adjusting for me to go to bed at 12 and get up at 5:30. Today is my 4th day there. I hate the location being in the center of downtown, and i am going to post a second story about how much the downtown in my city sucks. everything else about the job is good, it looks like a nice stable job I can keep long term which is just what i need. 

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I once worked at a place like that. i was a retention specialist for privacy guard and credit keeper and it was exactly what you are describing and I did it for the same reason as you.<br />
I live in ohio. $9 an hour is the most I've ever been paid. I want to stay awhile so I can put a job on my work record I worked at longer than a year. But I will keep looking around in case something weirdly amazing pops up out of the blue. I was looking for a job so long it warped my mind to where I actually had started enjoying it. It's kind of fun to play around and see what's out there. If you already have a job, then you can wait as long as you want for the perfect one to come along.

sounds not so bad... but your question posted makes it seem kinda ******. I was unemployed for a long time before i got hired at, a company that tricks people into monthy subscriptions. 90% of my calls were people who received their credit card bills and were pissed. The job was aweful for me... but i needed the money. The best thing i did... was to keep applying for jobs that i actually wanted to do. And after a month and a half I got hired by an organization i really respect and love working for. my advice would be to keep looking... i like that you have chosen to see the good in your current situation... but it doesn't have to be the end all. Keep looking and you can upgrade your job. I dunno where you live.. but in seattle $9 per hour is barely enough to live on... keep trying and interviewing and you'll find the right job for you. =)