My New Year Resolution

My New Year resolution
1- Do some voluntary work (visit nursing homes. And hospitals).
2- Take C.P.R training (SEE: the Red Crescent activities).
3- Make a paper craft and fly it.
4- Stop saying “Madre” all the time.
5- Master the art of communication.
6- Learn sculpting.
7- Be more honest (Honesty day).
8- Answer 365 questions about myself, and write them in a note.
9- Learn Calligraphy.
10- Buy a piano. Learn how to play.
11- Buy a telescope. (Check your buy list for further stuff).
12- Go fishing.
13- Be more thankful.
14- Bungee jump.(DONE!!)
15- Get another piercing (ear / belly).
16- Get in touch with old friends, improve current friendships, and maintain new ones.
17- Learn lip reading.
18- Brush on my cooking skills (optional).
19- Graduate. (Done)
20- Read more (make a schedule for that).
21- Improve my singing.
22- Improve my writing skill.
23- Eat 20+ weird kinds of ice cream flavor.
24- Continue my movie list.
25- Improve my old hobbies (painting, knitting, photography, and gardening).
26- Try to be fast at calculating (optional).
27- Learn magic tricks.
28- Get my wisdom teeth pulled.
29- Throw a party!
30- Play with a puppy.
31- Get a pet.
32- Do a research about hard working people, and find my heroes...
33- visit a haunted house
34- go horse back riding
35- visit the cemetery
hissi hissi
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2010