2008 Is Gonna Be Great!

I have great expectations for 2008. I recently received a big promotion and I am excited about the new challenges that are before me. I have just come up with my resolutions for this year. I have put them into categories.

  • be more active (walk the dogs, go to the gym)
  • eat healthy, no more fast food, less meat, more veggies
  • Less drinking

  • I will be out of debt by the end of 2008
  • Start an IRA
  • Savings - working towards a down payment
  • More pampering time for me (long hot showers, baths, spa, nails, hair etc)
  • Relationships - less of the bad, more of the good
  • Vacation - I will take at least one vacation this year
  • spiritual work - more time exploring my spiritual side
  • journaling
  • Organization - find a system that works and stick with it
  • Follow through -  more important now than ever. Follow through in a timely manner, not just me anymore, I am in charge of the whole damn organization.
  • Delegation - I can not do it all alone
  • relationship building - in the community, with my staff
  • education - learn more
That is all I have for now, I am sure I will amend.
ishamae ishamae
31-35, F
Jan 1, 2008