As anyone who's written to us after midnight knows, we're often still up-- and usually quite hyper. This is a habit we're trying to break, but we're a group of night owls, so it's harder than it might seem at first glance.

so in 2007, we want to get to know our mattresses better.
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Working nights can have a tendency to isolate your feelings toward co-workers working day shifts, the ackward and long hours can even make someone think they are being punished because they aren't working with the same number of employees and so forth, or when one shift is busier than another. Several things play in account when working long or different hours than others.

am forever an insomniac....maybe i should work in a call center where they all start work in the evenings :) but then again am sick and tired of being a corporate slave

I like not sleeping..and doing..........what's normal for every one?

I know the importance of good rest whenever I can find enough time to do it, ha. Working 145 to 155 hours every two weeks tends to wear on a person. But when I do find the time for such rest, it's off to dreamland Hilton for me.

I never seem to sleep much the past couple of years...I'm starting to develope a flat face and started to ''Ta wit, ta woo'' instead of speaking .

Thanks, I will look it up. I only took two psychology classes in college, one two decades ago, the other a decade ago, lol. And I don't remember anything related to sleep other than REM and how important it is, and the effects of sleep deprivation.

I take prescription sleeping pills, but I really recommend exercise, if it is possible. A couple years ago, I was completely dependent of sleeping pills. I decided that if I wear myself out enough, I will be able to sleep. I started working out, at first, I had to exercise up to two hours per day. Swimming was the most effective way to make me tired! Also, long walks are good, with dogs, friends, or with kids on bicycles or in strollers. My theory is that the human body is meant to move, and we don't move around enough. When my husband broke his leg, he exercised his arms and we went for walks where he rolled the wheels on his wheelchair (wear gloves!). All this exercise helped me tremendously with my stress, especially lifting weights or going on the eliptical machine. I also joined a walleyball group that was sooooo much fun. I still crave walleyball. Additionally, I have a 20 minute nighttime yoga video-workout, it works well too.

Sleep is for the weak! That is what I was told once and it stuck like glue ... now I put it to use. Anyhow it's close to 4:30 am and I been sippin an 40oz of King Cobra and I won't allow myself to lay down and fall asleep. I lay where I am not quite use to, home is where I would love to go, but can't , so I won't .. i would love to sleep in the presence of another! (no offense my friend) I'm sure none taken. I sleep with one eye open , I sleep ready to defeat! I sleep ready to take fleet! I'm surprised that I dream, dream enough to wake up with screams or drenched in sweat , or wondering what happens next, and terribly home sick! So I continue on.. no matter if it be dawn.

Fibromyalgia queen here--up all hours of the night but trying to escape that!!

I too am trying to meet my mattress earlier. I have fibromyalgia which doesn't help my sleep.

if possible

Are you keeping your resoulution?

I laughed.. Hey it's almost 3 am where I'm at.. I tried sleeping early tonight. But I woke up at 12 (just half an hour after I felt asleep) and feel like I'm the energizer bunny!

Whatever. If you had any intentions to sleep and keep normal hours, you would be working for some major corporation and showing up at 7:45 and leaving at 5:15ish and hitting happy hour and passing out at 11:30 wishing it was 10. You're not fooling me. I'm a musician, and I'm willing to bet y'all are all psyche majors working on Masters and PhD's, and you love being up in the wee hours of the night/morning because that's when you do your best work -- me, too.

Ahh Insomnia my oldest friend ! lol . I can very much relate to your plight tee hee . Good luck and sending you lots of zzzzzzzzzzz's to help you on your way :) xx

hi can I take to you at 5:30 at i love kara monaco itt wood be nice to ok

Somewhere I read that it depends on what time of day you were born - that determines whether you are an early morning person or a night owl. I was born in the evening and I'm a night owl. I don't come alive anymore until late afternoon and being able to stay up all night and sleep days agrees with me perfectly. I also was married to a jazz pla<x>yer so the night life was a schedule in our home.

A lot of time, (I work in retail) and end up helping to close the store. I don't drive, so by the time I get home it is close to 11:00 PM and when I get home I can't just go RIGHT to bed! I have to wind down for awhile first. <br />
Does anyone else share my feelings on this?

Sleep??? who needs it-it's TOTALLY OVERRATED! ;-) lol-that is a great resolution

I stay up till 4 in the moring,Its kool and I stayed up real late on new years.,I relate 2 ya

Restless sleep or insomnia have roots of cause.<br />
<br />
Some of you expressed the changes, such as a new baby, an illness, and etc.<br />
<br />
My spouse is so irregular about when he naps and sleeps, that I studied the problem in medical journals.<br />
<br />
There is a LOT that can be done to assist yourself or your loved one.<br />
<br />
Good luck!<br />
<br />

I am a night owl too so I guess I could be in your group

I can SO relate! It's 3:20 a.m. right now.

cute post

Anyone that's ever had an infant that started it's home life w/ his/her days and nights backward knows what you're talking about even as adults. But try this: Get your booty up by 4:30 in the morning, and by 10:00 you'll be beggin' for those bed covers!! LOL.