Two Thousand And Thirteen

I haven't actually made a New Year's resolution in many years, so I'm not taking this lightly. It's very important to my mental and physical health that I make this resolution.

I need to have less stress in the coming year. It's a must really. My sleep is being affected, and it often causes pretty wild mood swings.

Now, since I don't cause stress for myself, I am making this resolution for the rest of the world, and you better stick to it!
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Sorry, didn't work :( I'll try harder next year

So how'd you do? Time to make new ones!

I was actually able to get 3 straight hours of sleep in August. So, yeah, a vast improvement.

Do I need to keep reading-- why so much stress?

Single father of 5, small business owner... You know, everyday stuff.

And here I thought 3 was overload- You got me! I think I need to keep reading to get full story!

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So less stress? Good luck with that :)

I might as well make a resolution to win the lottery.

LOL...well you are trying so maybe you can! Never know unless you try. It is a tough one though. Where is most of your stress coming from? Home issues or work?

They're coming from other people. Babysitters, customers, lots of influences. It's to the point that the little things are overwhelming.

Thats hard to control, I wish you luck.

Like I said in the story, I'm making a resolution for the rest of the world.

Ok, I really wish you luck now. :)

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