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Let me tell you one sad/happy story about 2013 New years eve party. I was at some big club with my friends and we had great time until one guy told me: Hi, I like fat girls just like you are... and I was looking at him thinking WTF?! and i wanted to slap him but my friend pulled me away. I was so angry and sad I can't describe to you. I ran to the ladies rom and I burst into tears. When I looked up I saw myself in the mirror and I was wondering: "why the hell am I crying here because some stupid words from a guy who doesn't even know me and is simply unimportant in my life?!" and then I decided I won't put myself down because someones words ever again. I won't let people make me sad because their opinion or thoughts about me. I have best quote for that: It doesn't matter how you look, what your weight is or how much makeup you put on. The right people will love you for what's on the inside... There is many quotes similar to this one but you get the point. I will be who I am and if people want me in their lifes they will love me for who I am. And after thinking about all that I went dancing next to that stupid guy and I danced so sexy he was dying for me.

I hope you all made some good decisions for 2013.
I hope 2013. will be the best year in your life
You deserve being happy, don't forget that
oh and one other thing: Don't ever stop dreaming and believing!
thepianogirl thepianogirl 18-21, F 178 Responses Jan 1, 2013

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I wonder what that guy got by being randomly ill mannered towards a complete stranger. It's not like he could expect to get the satisfaction of seeing if it upset you because most people would go off somewhere private to fall apart. I'm very glad you got back on the dancefloor. Good for you. I also doubt that guy has a lot of luck with the ladies.

Awesome inspiration btw ur wolf dp is freaking awesome

Love your sharing

What a bitter/sweet story!
Empty vessels make the most noise! The world is full of ignorance, I'm glad you could release yourself from hurtful words, a smart thing.
I like your way of expressing your solution, and am sure I'll use this idea when my kids hit similar problems.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly like his guy goes all the way through.

well done you are what you are, if they don't like it go some where else, some people need to look in the miror them selves beauty is only skin deep, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we all ave our own characters whats his.


Anyone so asinine to ever make such a comment to another person suffers severe issues. Pity them, live your life happily with a smile, always knowing you do not suffer from their problems.

dear pl take it easy...there r so many ppl who dont think b4 comment..u may not care 4 s precious..enjoy every moment..

HE called YOU a fat girl? Oh god, what a lying *******!

he is a classic manboy.

What was the reason for him to say such comment? maybe it was his insecurity.. His way of getting your attention was to try a make you feel a reaction, a reaction of love or attraction is too difficult to obtain from you at that moment, and he probably felt he was going to get rejected anyways, so he went the easy route, to offend you, thus in his mind making you pay for what he expected from you anyways.. a rejection.. He probably really felt you were too beautiful for a guy such as himself that he didn't even bother on trying to meet you, but just wend directly to offend you.

Some people are just ugly on both inside and out. I remember seeing a tee shirt one time that says it all.......................I might be fat but you are ugly I can loose weight!

Hey Piano Girl!

here's a HUG! Unfortunately dumbshitz are everywhere and there just is no escaping them. Be strong! and as you noted, it's what's inside that counts.

You know that guy is so wrong about you and the only way you are that is phat not fat.

So first question is are you fat? Are the pictures I see up here major photoshops or some fantasy girl?

And if you are fat, why burst into tears? Here is a guy saying "I like you fat."

I would make a resolution to see the positive inside every statement, rather than to negate what someone said.

Think of that idiot as a gift. He made you realize your power. He was a strength challenge. That's what all a**holes are. You just keep on being your rock star self!! That's always the best revenge;)

And I probably would have hit him FOR you

Oh I understand.Now I understand the Insanity training story . Ok that *** was trying to give you a head case. I have heard of it, to insult someone to shock them; its supposed to get you past any defences . Look up Mystery man on YouTube. He was just...horribly bad...and stupid...god I would never disrespect anyone like that.

nice.. :)

I admire your attitude. Keep it up. You are an inspiration to others - you are to me:) thank you for sharing your story!

I don't think we can ever really know why people do things. Probably the guy was dissatisfied with himself for some reason and ended up lashing out at you. But he had his reasons (however incomprehensible they may seem) to feel that way and say what he said. Maybe they were good reasons, maybe they were bad. I highly doubt that he felt any satisfaction after saying that.
I think what I'm trying to say is to just not take it personally. The opinion of somebody like that can't be trusted.

I cry for you just reading it. When I was young, I was plump and on the short side. Only you could know how much thoughtless comments can hurt. I am now in my 50's, yet regardless of how i look, I always struggle with my self image. I struggled with bulimia in college, took 4 years to conquer it. You try to brush off comments, but they always hurt. I try to look at the inner beauty, and the older I get the more I see that first, and the physical person second. I swear that I have worked with ladies that were physically knock outs, but because of their nasty thougths and deeds, never considered them beautiful at all. The same goes for race, I am absolutely color blind. I take people one at a time, and evaluate them on how they act and how they treat me. Love yourself!!

I'm confused. Some jackass said you were fat? If that should ever happen again, (which for the life of me I can not imagine it happining in the first place) just laugh at him as hard as you can and then walk away still laughing. You are beautyfull. That's all I can say without sounding like an old pervert. Don't ever think your not.

hi beautiful pianogirl & thankx for your story ~ youre so right (so stay resolved)
that guy was a jerk. its just a typical & very meaningless insult, becuz chances are ppl (esp. women)will be upset by being called fat (even when its obvious theyre not) so its an insult that can be used when u know nothing about a person
Happy newyear (2013 will be a better year for you than for ppl like that who need to validate themselves by putting others down)

You were sure beautiful playing the piano in the video. Beautiful people do beautiful things. Always keep your chin up....because you are a lady! BTW, I have appreciated the gifts you have sent me, ex-jetengineer (site shut down by ep)..........A.

U GO GIRL! May 2013 be your best year! In the words of a beautiful woman I RESPECT...don't stop dreaming and Love Live and Laugh.

My wife and I grew up in the same village in the 1960's to 1980's.

We were thin witha fast metabolism.Now we are in our 50's and were both 30 over weight.

Were we happier when we were thin ?? Actually the answer was no for both of us.We try to walk and look after our bodies but we are happier being large.

You also need to know that 35 million woman can't find a mate.40 % of these 35 million are thin and great looking.But people pick mates on more than weight and looks.

Obviously that guy doesn't get laid very often with those pick up lines. You should have laughed in his face and said "I'm well outta your leage"

So, you're either not the girl in your profile picture, or the guy who talked to you is a jerk. If you are the girl in the profile picture, then put a smile on your face, because you've just proven to yourself that you're a wonderful person.

Way to go girl!!! Beauty is not about size or numbers on the scale,its about a good heart, confidence and kindness. Keep shining...happy 2013