Get Over The Past And Be A Different Person!!!!!!!

I dont really know what to say, im not a good writer. I want to change some things. I have had a terrible past  and have done some things that I regret terribly and cant take back. I want to change the person I have become and I want to get some confidence because I have none for my self at all. I want to stop worrying about what other people think about me and I want to be able to feel like I look good and that people arent always saying how bad I look or talking about what A bad person I am. I want to change the way my relationships have been going and hopefully meet someone near me and have someone I can love and care about that feels the same way about me. I have been dealing with depression or something I really dont know what and I  cant take much more of it and I really need to turn life around some how. I really dont know what else to say even though I think I could write a book, I have no one here to trust or that cares enought about me to listen to me.


foxybaby806 foxybaby806
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 29, 2006

That's good! You seem to be smart that's really good. i hope you find someone to make you smile every day:)

With a name like Foxybaby you can't go wrong sister. I'm wondering how you can be so down on yourself when you want to make so many positive changes. Just remember to be yourself, respect yourself and you will go far. I'm going to add you to my circle now. good luck with your resolution

hmm me too, i am so sick of having so little confidence & even though it has improved considerably in the past year i am still way quieter than i'd like to be. also ii have decided to try and procrastinate less cos im constantly bored it leaves me too much time to dwell on my thoughts, and as i suffer from OCD this is nt a good thing. my last big resolutions are to be more assertive and to try & be a more positive person as i am very pessimistic and depressed often. hope you succeed in keeping ur resolutions, & remember we only live once so make the most of it!!