My Love, My Sadness

I have the most beautiful little 6 month old niece. Her almond shaped baby blues are huge and shehas 2 big pillowy cheeks sandwiching wet little heart shaped lips. Unfortunately she was born with a rare, terminal genetic condition and she is not expected to make her third birthday.
Every time I hold her little shaking body in my arms, and try to secretly diffuse my strength and warmth into her, she stops struggling and crying. She relaxes and drifts away. Giving her comfort taught me love.
Please appreciate your little ladies. They are amazing creatures, to be nurtured and adored. Xx
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2012

This is gonna sound funny at first, but you should read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. It's a book about the power of positive thinking (aimed more towards using the power of positive thinking to achieve your financial goals). There's a part in the book where he talks about his son who was born without ears, no external parts -- not even a hole in the skull for the ears -- and no internal parts. But Napoleon Hill, would put his jaw up to he son's skull, so vibrations from his speech would carry through to his skull. And he would tell him such things as "you can hear" (I'm paraphrasing because it's been a few months since I've listened to the audio-book version or read the book -- I've completed it many times though -- so I don't remember the actual phrasing) or "you will find ways to hear." etc. Eventually the son started putting his jaw to their phonogram ("Think and Grow Rich" was published in the 1930's) so he could feel/hear the vibrations of the music through his jaw... his brain and body found a new way to hear.Thought is energy. Energy can NOT be destroyed it can only be moved around, or it's form can be changed (that's a law of physics... "The First Law of Thermodynamics"). The energy of your thoughts through the butterfly effect can affect your physical world in big ways. Keep positive. Whisper positive things to your niece. Say positive things, out loud to yourself, when you're alone. Keep negative phrasing out of your positive statement and thoughts... there are many who believe the universe doesn't differentiate between positives and negatives so that when you say "You WON'T be sad," the universe may interpret it as "You be sad." And make sure that your loved ones are not only saying positive things, but thinking positive and believing their positive thoughts. Otherwise your positive thoughts are battling and competing with their negativity. Sharing the book with others would be a good idea.

Thanks Laurenz. She is loved and played with well. I agree that positivity and good energy seem to be useful in many ways.

For your and her sake.... I hope and pray she defies the odds.... your story is lovely :)

thats so nice.. i just became an uncle to a little baby girl.. i know the feeling you are talking about..