She Makes Me Feel Like My Head Is Going To Explode!!!!!

This is going to come across as a general rant about my mil. I'd rather come and hear and vent then take it up with my husband. My mil does so many things and says so many things that annoy me and everyone around her.

Her prime priority are her cats, they are treated like royalty; they are allowed anywhere they want, even the kitchen work surfaces, inside the bath and apparently in my bedroom (where my mil knows i hate them being)!!! Its almost like she either does it on purpose to wind me up or literally doesnt care about anyones feelings but her own! I wouldnt be surprised if it was the latter; she comes across as very self centered, ignoring the fact that there are other people that live in this house too.

She thinks and says that she feels it is ok for the cats to eat where she wants to feed them, this can include the living room, the dining room, her bedroom, the toilet, the kitchen surfaces, the freezer and the sink. She does not feel that it is wrong to give the cats no restrictions. She thinks she is the only special person living in the house because she is older than everyone.

My mil would rather sit on the floor and let the cat sleep on the sofa than move them. My mil leaves the back door open to let the cat in even though we have a cat flap.

I feel like i live in cat heaven. As someone who is not a fan of pets, this feels like a nightmare.

I cant see all households with pets being like this, surely there must be some restrictions in place. Who knows, my feelings never seem to matter.

I'll pop the cat on the floor when they are on the kitchen surfaces and she asks me why i did that, does she not realise that kitchen surfaces are used to prepare food, cook, eat and not for cats to walk around on?? I cant believe she asks me why i do it.

When i cook or clean or do anything, i can always see her popping her head in and out the room making sure i am doing things her way, or as she classes it as correctly. I feel living here i am loosing myself as a person.

She tells me to clean the bathroom or kitchen and then when i have finished, she goes to "inspect it". meaning she pretends not to but has a wander around. She criticises me if i do something without telling her, like if i changed my mind and made something else for dinner, or if i decided that i wanted to see my friends that night instead of the night after.

I frankly feel like i'm walking on egg shells and dont see it getting any better..

Please help
Z00ey Z00ey
22-25, F
Dec 5, 2012