My Anger

Whenever I get angry, all I want to do is hit that person. Instead, I tend to keep that feeling inside of me so that I would not snap. I always do my best to calm myself down, but it is really hard when they are trying to make you angry on purpose. I always seem stronger when I am mad. As well as that, its hard for me to feel things. If someone ever ends up making me really angry, I would most likely snap and they would get hurt badly. Luckily, I have worked on not getting as angry lately but it is hard for me to do. Whenever I get mad, I pretty much feel like I can do anything. Before, people threatened to beat me up. I laughed at them even though normally, I would not laugh I would just ignore them. No one threatens that anymore at least but this is pretty much how it has always been. It also makes it harder to follow my guideline.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

It's good that you have control of it! It;s hard. I know. I've been there when someone's just made me so angry. I hold back knowing if I start I won't stop!

same here. if i start, i just would not be able to stop.

btw i am the one who wrote this.

I kind of figured as much :)


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