My First Time

I was 9 1/2 & had been allowed 2 go into town on my own.
I had been around the shops & spent all but my bus fare & was walking back to the bus stop when, it sounds corny but it happened, the elastic went in my old knickers!

I tried 2 pull them up , but another few steps & they started slipping down again. I went into a department store & used the ladies - I realised I couldn't fasten tehm up, so only thing to do was to take them off!

I walked out of the loos feeling very strange, like everyone knew & was looking, then I got outside & a puff of breeze blew up my skirt, over my newly bared parts - it just felt so fantaaastic!!!

By the time I got home I was hooked!
Tried it again the next day & more & more after that!
freedomandnovpl freedomandnovpl
31-35, F
1 Response Apr 20, 2012

Nice story. A very innocent start to freedom !