What did you fantasise about as a kid? The first specific thing that did it for me was a scene in the BBC production of the Camomile Lawn. I can't remember the names of any of the characters now... but there is a scene where a child is lifted onto a man's shoulders and you see she doesn't have knickers on. My old VHS tape got very worn with being paused at that momernt and I used to click forward frame by frame. I sooo wanted to be the girl and I think it was one of the influences that began my ambivalent relationship with underwear!

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I had no influences actually, I just learned on my own how much I didn't like them!

It is a bit amazing what gets one's attention. Back in the 1970s, there was a mainstream magazine over here called "Holiday." They did an article about saunas and illustrated it with a full page, full color photo of what,I think, you were to interpret as a family of four (husband, wife, daughter, son) nude together in a sauna. There was something so warm and comfortable about that photo that it started me thinking that being nude was better than being clothed. Nearly 40 years later, I still think that.

Finding my one of my mom's old cheesy novels did it for me. Can't recall the title but it was set during the Civil War. I remember there was this one scene where the plantation owner's daughter was watching her mullato female servant, describing in great detail the way her breasts would often billow out of the top of her blouse while she performed her daily duties. It was the 1st I read something that made me feel tingly like that ;)

so we have to thank a little bit the Camomile Lawn for helping to bring to us the open sexual woman you have become.

mine was the female bum, and still is lol xxx and i remember that scence xxxxxxxx

Cool!!!! thinkl i need to ghet the DVD

lol i have thought about it but it may look a bit odd in my did collection lol xxxxxx

Try Hulu

Making out with my very cute English teacher

Let's replay the as the man, you as the child :)