I Blocked A Perv On Ep And Exited The Group

I started up an EP experience group (or so I thought) and somehow I got put into an already existing group. Immediately a couple people joined, one had a real experience (although negative), but had a totally inappropriate profile photo.

The other one had no experience, but was TOTALLY a perv - it totally grossed me out the things he was into. I blocked him before he could ever contact me and then exited the group I thought I created, then carefully created a NEW group, which hopefully will give me the ability to keep the pervs out.

I absolutely have no tolerance for inappropriate sexual content, perverted subjects, inappropriate profile photos and/or members of fetish groups, etc. I'm not here for that. If this social site gets taken over by people like that (and it seems most do), it would be a real shame.
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Totally agree, I have blocked people cause some of the stuff I have read is really just disgusting.