My Pleasant Experience

I booked a nose piercing completely spontaneously about two weeks ago and had my piercing just under a week ago at an extremely reputable piercing studio in my area (I had my lip pierced there also).

I felt sick and extremely shaky before hand and couldn't eat anything as I was preoccupied with the pain.

When I got there I signed a form, chose a little purple gem stud and waited...

I then got called through. I was told to relax on the dentist-like chair and make myself comfortable. My piercer was very knowledgeable and nice to me, addressing all of my worries.

I was then told to lie back as he cleaned the future piercing site before marking it with a cocktail stick.

I was then told to close my eyes. At this point, my heart was almost beating out of my chest and I was squeezing the squishy sides of the chair so much my hands hurt haha.

He told my to take a deep breath and to exhale really sharply as it may help with the pinch. The second time I did this he put the needle through.

"Oh my God that wasn't so bad!" I said.

I was expecting my eyes to stream and to grimace in pain like I'd seen on a lot of the YouTube videos I had watched beforehand, but fortunately that didn't happen to me. My left eye teared up slightly and there was no blood.

As for the pain, it felt like a really sharp pinch. I can't say it tickled, but it was over in a split second and was completely bearable.

Afterwards my nose ached a little but that subsided within hours. In the first few days it hurts to flare your nostrils (yawning was annoying) and obviously if you accidentally catch it but other than that, I don't even know it's there!

Overall, a great experience which I would do again.

hansophi hansophi
18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 17, 2012 a male cd at 21,bt stil i lv to hv al d piercngs on ears n d mst is nose..i hv alrdy piercd twce wen i was alne at my 12th der is no whole nw,.

Thank you for sharing your experience. it was a fun read. Brought back alot of happy memories.

Nice you had a good experience and like it.<br />
I did mine a week ago and I love it