I Have My Nose Pierced. I Am A Male.

I am a male and most of the time i love to wear female clothes. I ALSO GOT MY NOSE AND BOTH EAR PIERCED. In fact my wife encouraged me to get my nose and ear pierced. During my working hours i wear only earrings but after going home I wear nose ring and saree blouse. IN MY OPINION THERE IS NO WRONG IN GETING HIS NOSE AND EAR PIERCED BY A MALE.
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46-50, M
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Very nice. Where do live? Please upload your photo also.

i live in delhi and will post my foto soon

I had both my ears pierced thirteen years ago, and my septum pierced the following Christmas, and I love having them: they're a part of me and what I am. There is absolutely nothing whatever wrong with a guy having his ears and nose pierced.

I had mine done with a small circular barbell in there originally so I could flip it up and hide it at work. Except that I occasionally forgot to - and it didn't seem to matter, so I had it swapped for a traditional "bull-ring". It's fun to tug on it and play with it, yeah!

i also got my septum pierced but i wear a little golden ring

What idea about multiple ear piercing and both side nose piercing?