Nose Stud Question! Please Help!

so i got my left nostril pierced around October 25 i believe.. it was fine the first weel or two then a little bump with puss started to form. i popped it, it was scabbing and partially healed in about a week and a half. a week later the bump came back with no puss, it has gone down gotten better and then reappeared about 4 times. idk what to do ive been cleaning it with h2ocean spray and applying tea tree oil on it and nothing. please help!
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I had already talked about it before...
It was a tip from my piercer and it worked great.....
Take an Aspirin tablet - crush it - make a paste with warm water - do it in a very clean and hygenic manner. Clean your piercing and then apply the paste around your piercing 2 times a day. Twist your stud so that the paste should go through the piercing hole. This can be done before complete healing also.....
Repeat it for 1 week, you will get rid of your piercing bump.

Oh that is really good. If your body is so sensitive with piercings then after healing you have to play with it at least once in a month. I mean you have to clean it, rotate or twist it or just take it out and just massage over the place and put it back again. Or else skin may start to grow around your piercing.

I forgot to mention, when that happened to me and the home products failed once, the doctor told me to dab some prescription cortisone cream on it for 2-3 weeks a couple-few times a day and that bump went away, never came back.

Hi, i have another way. It worked great with me. Take an Aspirin tablet, crush it into powder form. Apply a little of clean water into it to make a paste. Pls use very clean and dis- infected materials for this purpose. Apply the paste around your piercing bump. Do it twice a day for a week. Yor bump will start disappearing. My doctor told this to me and it worked great for me.

Oh yes, and I did use saline solution as a rinse before applying the hydrogen peroxide too.

I got a small diamond stud nose piercing a year and a half's stable now, but in the first almost year it was always getting irritated, and got infected more easily, just keep hands away from it, and Hydrogen Peroxide like for cuts in the first aid section at store worked the best, I washed it 3 times per day .As for the puss-less lump..I had one once, just by coincidence I had a sinus-throat infection, totally unrelated, ended up at the Dr for that, and since I was there I asked him about that bump that remained after the infection went away, and he said it was a Keloid (scar)...So he gave me some cortisone cream, presc<x>ription strength, was a free sample...I used it for 2 to 3 weeks....Bingo was GONE.

Daughter had a nasal piercing done in July. It's only just started to settle down. We were told by the shop where she had it done (a very reputable place) that it takes at least four months for a nasal piercing to stop being sore and prone to infection. You must not twist it or keep touching it. Leave it alone. Bathe it in warm sea salt solution twice a day as CrazyWaterSpring says. But to be honest the best results came when we bathed it with TCP ... don't know if you have that where you are ... but a skin disinfectant solution. Good luck.

I've been using the h2ocean sea salt spray and tea tree oil but i will admit i havent been using it every day or more than once when i do use it, maybe every 2-3 days in between. do you think Hydrocortisone cream would help? right now its very red and im guilty of trying to cover it up with just a little bit of makeup.

I'd say stay away from anything that clogs it up (like creams and so on) and keep bathing it (both inside and outside your nose) use cotton buds to get to the inside. You really do have to keep on doing it a couple of times a day at least. It's a nuisance but it will get infected if you don't take care of it. If it does get really sore and red with pus, don't leave it - go see a doctor. If you only had this done a couple of weeks ago, it's way too early to even think about touching the stud or moving it around. You have to be patient.

I have first had experience of this as my daughter has gone through all these things just recently. Even forgetting to bathe it just once would cause it to be inflamed the next morning. You really do have to be vigilant.

alright so womaninbliss would you recommend both the salt spray and the tea tree oil? and how many times a day? also not moving it at all, correct?

I would recommend sea salt in boiled water. Allow it to cool a bit but use it quite warm. Use a cotton swab to bathe the exterior and a cotton bud to get to the inside. And, yes - don't move it at all and don't touch it with your fingers unless you've washed them first. And no make up. It will take months to heal up, you have to be patient.

thank you so much! you've been very helpful :)

you are welcome, any time.

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