My Nose Ring

i like nose ring i want live like househusband
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

i am 46 years old man and last month, i pierced my nose all by myself. i was just in my room one night and i had some things that i could pierce it with. it didnt hurt AT ALL!!!! but it was kind of hard to shove the needle through. when my wife found out she got kind of mad but she got over it in 15 minutes. my wife got me into the whole thing. Shes getting her left side done and im getting my right :] im so excited… and lucky my wife so understanding.

Some years mywife don't know that i m cd but once at night she caught me Firstly she angree and dislike but when i insist that i cann't live without it she gave me permission to do so, but she said do urself I can't help of anykind. so once i pierced my left nostril and wearing nose ring and nose pins. Sometimes she seeing my face smiling and said ur face is turning to a womans face. Well my dear ur wife will firstly angree then will agree with u Pierce ur nose and insert nosering. dont be afraid of.

i also like this and at night i ware in my nose without knowing my wife