while i was in treatment for my eating disorder, i had to have a feeding tube place into my nose, going down to my stomach. 

after it was taken out, i got a piercing on the side it was on to remind me of the pain my eating disorder caused me: to remind me that i want recovery, and i never want anorexia again!

my best friend (who also had a tube) went with me and got hers pierced, too.  it was a spontaneous, fun experience that i'll never forget.  i miss her a lot.  now my piercing not only reminds me of my commitment to recovery, but also that i have a best friend (though she may be thousands of miles away) that cares about me, so i shouldn't let loneliness drive me back to self-destruction.


i love my nose piercing!!!

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2 Responses Aug 22, 2008

I love the story behind your piercing. Sounds like youve got a lot of strength.

That's a great story behind your piercing. I'm glad you've got such a positive story attached to it.