Yeah I Do


I have ALWAYS wanted my nose pierced..

So May 17th 2008 I went to the tattoo shop, and had it done.

All my friends kept saying how it was going to hurt and everything.. I was

UBER scared... So I sat in the chair.. Tilted my head back... Closed my eyes

and braced myself..  The girl who did it cleaned my nose with an alcohol

wipe, then stuck the cork in my nose... Told me to count to 3...

I began counting.... 1..2..3..  Then I felt a pinch... I was told not to open my

eyes, like a fool I did anyways and saw this needle through my nose..  Then

I felt the stud go in and that was it.. My eye watered a little... She then held

the mirror up and I admired my new nose piercing... I LOVE IT!!! I would do

it all over again a MILLION times... I was shocked that it didn't hurt bad.


DogTagKindaGirl DogTagKindaGirl
22-25, F
Jun 21, 2009