What The Hell??

Today, at the end of school i went to my locker as usual, got my books in my bag and i was about to leave when the guy next to me, Zach, asked if i got the thing in my locker... I had no idea what he was talking about... He explained that he put a note in my locker, i looked, and sure enough, there the damn thing was... He said, before you read it; you are reading it right?; Its about James"

I honestly had no idea why he would give me a note about James...

I went up to the second floor, where i wait with my sister and friedns for my mom to pick us up. I opened the note and began reading... Now i dont know where the note is but I'll sum it up for you;

James pretty much said how he has had a crush on me since the begining of this year...He said that i was the only girl he thinks about then he concluded the letter by asking if i would be his girlfriend...

I have never ever even talked to him...EVER.  i dont want to be his gf but i dont want to crush him.... I'll figure it out eventually i know :)

musicforlife musicforlife
13-15, F
Feb 20, 2010